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Image search results - "copy"
Sword Kirby614 viewsI'm going to draw every ability Kirby has every copied. That's why one of my albums is labed "Copy Abilities XD. This was made on MS Paint as well as all the rest will be. First is... sword!
Wait, why does everyone do sword first?
4 commentsKirbyang
Ball Kirby653 viewsKirby was very easy to make, but I strained over the letters until I was satisfied (BTW the colors are based on the hat). When I finished and stood back and looked at it I was happy, but it's a little small. Well really, what more can you do with Ball Kirby? Try to guess what the next ability will be!5 commentsKirbyang
DEATH Kirby735 viewsMy New Fan-made Kirby copy ability
Can kill everyone with his scythe and powers

Yeah, including YOU!
7 commentsAlbertMasterofGalaxia
Special Ability is Inhaled!813 viewsWell, my second picture here... XD I hope people like it! .///.

Oddly enough, I ended up emulating the game's style, but used it an a scene from the Anime. 0o I do like the result, though. XD So shiny~

*Cue Transform Music*
Meta Knight: He has become ... _____ Kirby! D<
(Blank Kirby? :B)

Oh and the title is the name of the song from the OST that plays when Kirby gets a Copy ability in the Anime. X3

Enjoy! .///.
8 commentsMireiyu
KCCh - Marketplace1870 viewsThis was colored in from one of the concept arts for KCCh, imaging a town bazaar type thing, and I don't think I've ever colored anything this well. Fricken love my tablet and Sai.3 commentsMinon
Light Ability (?)1154 viewsThis is actually old, but oh well. Yeah, Light ability was cool, even though it was totally useless in the realm of fighting. Sooo... I thought it'd be cool if it had its own design? (I've no idea where the hair came from XDDD)4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Aureus - Copy Miniboss1090 viewsOriginally, this was supposed to be the big bad for an artPG (collaborative comic) in this gallery. It was to steal powers, constantly improving itself and changing it's appearance. (It actually only appeared like this for a page or two.)
However, try as I might, I couldn't get the first page done. No, not because of laziness; I actually COULDN'T draw it. Every attempt actually got worse and worse.

Now, I suspect this thing will just wind up in Bimblesnaff's IF Miniboss Mayhem with the Copy copy-ability
5 commentsMints
fixing the face, part1886 viewsThe fact that we had Kekes in KCCh have different eyes than in KDL3 and K64 has been bothering me for a good long while.
At first I dismissed the issue by saying having it like the KDL3 eyes would otherwise make it not fit the KSS style characters too well.

But after trying this, I've noticed it still matches...
3 commentsMinon
Cosmic Chaos "Fan" - Furnace of Lavender1041 viewsFan art for the Kirby: Cosmic Chaos fangame project. Even if I will not be able to play it, I am rooting for its team and the games' development.

Fan ability, in particular, caught my interest. Maybe also just because it looks so elegant... and of asian style.

Purple Kirby is purple.
6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Kopy Abilities --- Mirror1744 viewsMy fav Super Star only ability! Hope you like it! I think Mirror deserved more moves than it got though. By the way, incase anybody was wondering, my list for upcoming Kopy Abilities are: Cupid, Animal, Beam, Bomb, Cutter, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ice, Jet, Magic, Yoyo, Ninja, Paint, Parasol, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, UFO, Wheel, and Wing. And Maybe, if I wanna, Mike, Cook, Ball, Balloon, Crash, Ghost, Water/Bubble, and Needle

IMPORTANT PEICE OF INFO FOR EXTRA FUN!!! --- In each of my "Kopy Ability"s I have not colored in ONE little thing. Try to find it in all of them! This one is really tricky! Have fun!
11 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Needle1677 viewsBigger and Better! I thought that I should make the picture larger, so you can see each pose better. I think Paint was to small, so it looked a tad blurry. I think I went a bit overboard with the Waddle Dee in this one. Sheild your eyes, squeamish!8 commentsKirazy
Kopy Abilities --- Beam1620 viewsYowza! Probably my fav so far! I really like how this one came out! Btw, In my opinion, Blink Bat should give Beam. It would be SWEET!
Still remaining on my list are Cupid, Animal, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ice, Magic, Yoyo, Ninja, Parasol, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, Wheel and Wing. And maybe I'll do Mike, Cook, Ball, Balloon, Crash, and Water/Bubble. And then, for my grand finally, I'll have a special surprise waiting!
4 commentsKirazy
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