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Image search results - "course"
Essence of Dream Course3877 views12th in my "Essence of" series. Boy, this was fun to draw! So much Dedede-influence! Kirby's Dream Course for the SNES was a 'different' type of Kirby game. Its main premise was golf. Kirby could roll into a ball to charge up his shot, then spring forward to try and reach the hole. He could destroy enemies and obtain abilities just by bouncing into them- all in all, the game was quite fun, but tedious. The only boss in the entire game is King Dedede, fighting in his giant, robot replica, with Mini-Dededes.13 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Old Keeby Drawing420 viewsFor those who don't know, Keeby is from Kirby's Dream Course. During the game, "Player 2" is shown as a yellow Kirby, named Keeby.

I always visualize him as a smart alec. He's fun loving, but can be kind of cynical, and when he's being sarcastically cynical (pretending to be cynical, that is), people think he's actually being cynical and get pissed off at him. All in all, however, he's a likable guy and he's single, for all you OC gals out there. ;)

I also visualize him with Beam as his favourite power
2 commentsAterkirbus
Gooey Rider, Prince Fluff Rider, and Keeby Rider383 viewsGooey Rider (Fanged Pink one, heart not shown) licks up enemies! Prince FLUFF RIDER (Other Pink One) is De-Yarned, and Keeby Rider (Red) is similar to my avatar.2 commentsKirby Rider
Kirby's Dream Course387 views20/01/13

Kirby’s Dream Course~

Kirby 30 day challenge

Day 12: Spin-Off

I know it’s not much XD I’m trying to catch up orz

Made in Sketchbook on iPad
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