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Image search results - "crash"
Crash Bandicoot Kirby1064 viewsI always wondered How Kirby would Looks like
If he Swallowed That Orange Bandicoot........
10 commentsKimmot92
Crash Kirby534 viewsI drew crash Kirby as best as I could from the anime. He is charging a blast.1 commentsgigarob_93
Kamikaze Kracko Jr's Revenge621 viewsYou know that boss from Revenge of the King and The True arena who goes crazy and shocks you with contact 10,000 times? Well, I drew him. Badly.

PS: Those red things are Waddle Doos.
21 commentsShruggin' Rock
Which One is the Best Hat for Crash?842 viewsDo you choose: #1, #2, or #3? It's your choice.25 commentskirby123
Crash Helper - Crash 'n Bash247 viewsI haven't come up with his attack(s) yet, so if you have a suggestion, please tell me.2 commentskirby123
Kirby Canvas Crash509 viewsThe Crash Kirby in Kirby Canvas Curse was pretty awesome! It looked cool when Kirby just explodes into several versions of himself and eliminates all the enemies on the screen!1 commentsgigarob_93
Crash Kirby584 viewsThe title says it all.
I drew this with my DS, using Colors!
4 commentsGalacta Kirby
NEW BOSS?!505 viewsUh-oh... looks like Kirby's gonna win...or vice-virsa...5 commentsAirride_Master
Sunspot561 viewsEntry for IF contest "Oversized Opponent."
Provides the Crash ability... Though the fact that it's radioactive should make it dangerous to touch, or for that matter, eat.
As usual, the visual style isn't much.
6 commentskrackocloud
Poppy Sr.367 viewsThe elder version of the small, obnoxious, jumping-around bomb-thrower. The only difference is that this one is big.

This turned out better than expected. Usually when I draw poppies they end up like fat, short people.
Crash Kirby212 viewsI ran out of space for the whole picture.pogman
Kirby's Adventure1022 viewsYES, IT'S FINALLY FINISHED
This enormous drawing took me eight days to accomplish. Compared to EVERYTHING ELSE I'VE DRAWN, that's a long time.

I snuck in two from Kirby's Dream Land simply to fill up space.
6 commentsGalactic Knight 09
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