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Image search results - "creation"
Gooey Against Moogong1136 viewsWhen your best friend is kidnapped... the only thing you have left is revenge! And a sword... and no shirt!

When I decided to make a real entry for the miniboss creation contest, I got to thinkin', and that is a terrible thing for me to do. An idea popped into my head of old video game box art, which invariably featured a barbarian guy wielding a sword, no matter what the game was about.

So, here's Gooey the Shirtless against new ice miniboss Moogong. Yes, I said Ice.

Play now!
8 commentsMints
Whip Knight1382 viewsIt's Whip Knight for the Create a Knight contest! You can read about him in the Create a Knight Contest. I apologize for this previosly being uploaded by Theorizer. Theorizer's a friends of mine, and he was using my computer, so I forgot to log out. Anyways, yeah, it's Whip Knight.5 commentsKirazy
Blunderbuss Knight392 viewsIF Entry by Samus Kirby

Dunno what robes have to do with knights, nor wings with guns. With a chest plate on, the requisite design would have been on the back and thus invisible in game play.
I also shrunk this knight down to how big they are supposed to be: bodies only half the size of the head. And said head is hidden behind the oh-so-descriptive "a helmet." This is a renaissance one, when firearms really got going.
Bomb Knight (II)452 viewsIF Entry by 888chilly

Other than a helmet and "cameo," this one had nil to go from, so I gave it as little body as possible -- none. I also gave it a wick to at least look like its namesake.
The camouflage turned out nearly invisible with overlay, which I had to use because of how heavily it was penciled. Luckily, this one isn't even a knight so no body cares. 'Snaff used a recycled pic for it originally.
Cane Knight443 viewsIF Entry by Stewie

Cane was an entry wildly disliked by 'Snaff due to the crescent symbol, which is used by fellow knight Trident. However, based on Cane's bio, he fits more with DL2 than the Meta-Knights (although I feel this was not the creator's intentions), so reusing the moon is no worse than Butch using Axe's skull.
Palette and design from the DL2 knights. Tried to angle the staff moon to look like a cane's crook.
Torch Knight790 viewsIF Knights entry by Airride Master

I didn't give it a go originally because of its lack of finer details, relying on that "armor" that seems to plague so many of the fan-made Knights. I shall commend the entry on specifying no colors, however; people don't seem to realize that the enemies in Dream Land can have a wide and varying palette.
1 commentsMints
Tonfa Knight602 viewsIF Knights entry by Kirbyzilla

I think the design of TK turned out rather well for fitting in with the rest of the knights. So much so, that I made this separate Meta-Army-appropriate color scheme version. For some reason thought "Laser tonfas -- sounds like Kirby~!" so that's what happened. Were red, but then looked like lipstick, so that didn't happen.

Background contains the second, tiny ballpoint plan, which had a better form, and a double-sided tonfa (shades of Axe from Adventure~!).
Tonfa batons are one of my favorite weapons, mostly because of Yoko Kono from Last Bronx.
1 commentsMints
Skewer522 viewsIF submission by... some loser~!

Skewer is a Knight in the tradition of Butch and Masher -- thus the lack of a "Knight"-ly title. He's big, purple, hates pets, can't be inhaled, and can't do much more than pace back-and-forth attacking the air in front of him.
His weapon is the Ranseur, which is a flanged polearm. The color scheme was entirely ripped from his brothers-in-arms.
1 commentsMints
Ripsaw Knight688 viewsRipsaw was Capsule J3's second IF Knight from the Round Knight Recruitment, and the only real one submitted to appear in Tuesday Knight Titans. (Yeah, I'm still doin' that, and the "only" should give a good indication as to my lack of motivation in said project.)
It looks much less like Togezo (for reasons of not looking like Togezo), and its moveset has been made much more in line with a Knight.
3 commentsMints
Gyron and a Waddle Dee320 viewsGyron knocks down a Waddle Dee via Yoyo.1 commentsKirby Rider
Mashurumu - My first ever formee225 viewsThe first Formee I have created. Apparently, it emits spores that are highly toxic once it eats for self defense. After eating four meals, the spores group together to form an egg.Kirby Rider
My attempt at Og188 viewsAn attempt I made for Og. I didn't color him and didn't know what a "spiky mane" was! Nice Afro, seƱor attempt!Kirby Rider
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