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Image search results - "cross"
Wild Adventures Together in Oblivion2162 viewsThis picture, is both a tribute to the KRR storybook "Wander Across Total Oblivion" and my early childhood. When I was only four years old I would sit in my stool and draw cartoons of the adventures of me and Kirby. "Lay", as the name was spelt at the time, represented me in Kirby form and still does to this day as a reminder of how I was about seven years ago. How I miss those days!25 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
OVER 9000!!!367 views"What does the scouter say about his power level?!"

It's Super Saiyan Kirby!

...Although I did have a thought that it should have been Fumu and Bun as Raditz and Nappa...
3 commentskirby123
Kirby-chu and Koozchu446 viewsIf Pokemon and Kirby did a cross-over. Sorry, no Rai-Burt.1 commentsA Kirby and his Cheese
The Gang-Up415 viewsThe 4 Amazing Mirror Kirbies, Meta Knight, Olimar, Toad, Toadette, a Pikmin, and Peach are ganging up on Marx Soul! Not likely that their all out attack is going to work, judging by Marx's expectant smile...1 commentsjunotoad
Cross bow knight503 viewsThis my knight for the If you could create a round knight contest.
Read more about him in the interactive fandom.
Oh ya and this picture was way bigger but it was to big
so I had to cut it down.
2 commentsDestructo-Knight
Game-able IF Knights866 viewsAfter going through the current IF Knights list, I pulled out all the ones that could actually be used in a Meta-Army-like situation as is. Long arms and stupid heights (i.e. anything beyond a 2:1 head-to-body ratio) were the only things I tinkered with.

I went off of written descriptions for previously drawn knights, trying to get different looks. The plan is to use some IF creations in my next applet, Tuesday Knight Titans, which pits Bogg and the Fightning Bug against hordes of knights.

Row Key (Left to Right)
Far: Crossbow (I), Shield, Javelin, Boomerang (I), Trident, Disk
Middle: Whip (II), Mace, Whip (I), Ring, Club, Sai
Near: Shock, Scythe (I), Axe, Knuckles, Parasol, Nunchuku
14 commentsMints
Cross Kirby612 viewsDunno really.. Started out as boredom in PaintChat, then escalated to boredom in Photoshop..EyeofCalamity
Kirby/Majora's Mask crossover422 viewsI normally don't really like The Legend of Zelda, but after reading a manga(two, actually), I was amazed! So after finishing off Majora's Mask, I decided to do this. I probably got some colors wrong, since the manga was black and white, but I put a lot of hard work into this picture, and I think it turned out great!3 commentsghostmetaknight
Professor Kirby and the Mysterious Maximum Tomato340 viewsIt's a Professor Layton Crossover! That game is so fun...1 commentsAero
Weldar kirby311 viewsWhat kirby might look like if he ate weldar from Banjo-Tooie of the Banjo-Kazooie series. The Real thing is Weldar Visually impaired welding torch.Darkmattersamurai
Latios and Latias Kirby595 viewsIt's the elusive...Latios Kirby and Latias Kirby! The Lati's are two pokemon I really REALLY want (although I can only catch Latias at the moment in my Pokemon Emerald game). So anyone who has catched them, please help me! I'm thinking I'll have to use a Master ball, but I don't want to waste it.
Anyways, this was made using my usual 0.7 pencil and colored pencils.
Enjoy :D
6 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
Glass Dee383 viewsA combination of Waddle Dee and Glass Joe. Inspired by the piture kirby's punch-out.3 commentsDarkmattersamurai
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