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Image search results - "cupid"
4 kirbys385 viewsThis is my drawing based on Amazing mirror.1 commentsyellowkirby
An angel broke my heart337 views"I'm sorry, Nanabobo. I guess my aim was a little off and I cracked it a little... Hope it gets better soon!"Nanabobo
Four Kirbys869 viewsNormally I won't upload much stuff that I've made from the oekaki, but I've been struggling to create good artwork recently, and I'm in a rut, so I'll be presenting some of my old pictures from the oekaki.

Of course, this is Kirby calling upon his duplicate pals to help him.
5 commentsKirazy
Love in the Air!491 viewsI think cupid Kirby is one of the cutest of the abilities.
Its probably my second favourite next to mirror. :3 <3
Done on Tegaki.

1 commentsJessicaSephiroth
Little Cupid535 viewsAnother Cupid Kirby.
This way a quickie for a new colouring technique I was trying and it came out pretty good. <3

Cupid Kirby and Friends221 viewsCupid Kirby and what I think Kine, Coo, Rick and Yarn Kirby would look like with Cupid.1 commentspogman
Fly with New Wings268 viewsAh, yes, Cupid~ This is actually my first art with Shadow Kirby, I think. Anyway, normal angel stuff with Cupid, wings, halo, and bow and arrow (Though that last one really doesn't apply to an angel, but whatever). Kirby will hover, aim and shoot arrows, and even do both at the same time! He can shoot up to three arrows at a time. This ability was only in Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad.Aero
Kirby & Ribbon335 viewsI drew this picture some time ago, but I got lazy to shade it. Now it's done. It's just a random idea I had another day and decided to bring it to paper...Gigi
Clouds320 viewsMy favorite thing I've drawn in a while.Aero
meta knight and cupid kirby227 viewsmy sister always asks me to make her coloring pages so i made this and became fond of it and made one that was shaded tell me what you thinkplasmakirby
February 2012 FP picture550 viewsGot bored xPMara
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