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Image search results - "custom"
The Origins Of Lololo And Lalala1289 views(Picture contains spoilers on episode 9)

Ok, so I picked a theme and drew a picture about it. This one is about Lololo and Lalala and their background.

Did you know that in the original Eggerland story Lololo and Lalala are married? Lala(la) is a princess that gets kidnapped and Lolo(lo)s mission is to save her. Later in the game series they become the king and queen of Eggerland.

Again I'm missing a font... Hey, Nightmare, which font you used for your creepy logo... (sigh)
10 commentsStarDust
Hoshi no Kaabii Character Sheet1194 viewsI decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <312 commentsRWMVG1DC
Kirby of the Stars2133 viewsThanks for the comments, everyone! Well, I made this pic long time ago, using crayons and hydropens (yep, not copic markers)...I love the anime of Kirby..I don't have a Kirby's game, but that's ok...
Hope you like it! Visit too my page on Deviantart.
14 commentsgerugeon
Customer Service says hi430 viewsAn MSPaint made picture of Customer Service.2 commentsSUPERFOX5
Marx VS Sprite298 viewsI was looking around in the gallery and saw that sprites are allowed. Yay. :3
Maybe you know VS Sprites from Pokémon since Platinum. I love them, and they're fun to make them.
I made this one one or two weeks ago.. It was my first VS Sprite of a non-chibi human I made without a base. So it's totally selfmade and I'm very proud of that. <3
If you don't know what VS Sprites are; They show the face of someone before you're battling this person.. It isn't bigger than 64x96 px.
I hope you like it. c:
1 commentsZeri
N-Z Animation like B/W229 viewsIf it doesn't work you can see it here:
I love the animations in B/W and I love to make them. btw, I made this sprite to N-Z (Okay... this things are easy to make... XDDD) and I animated it.. I only used paint to make the frames, I repixeled them and made them like they were rotated by a progam.
I hope you like it. <3
Dark Matter Swordsman400 viewsYesterday I made it as VS sprite and was too lazy to upload it here. Today I was bored when I got on the PC and thought that I could make a full version of it.
I like it, especally the sword.. <3 It's the best sword I ever made, lol. XDDDD
I hope you like it. <3
3 commentsZeri
Dark Matter Swordsman256 viewsLol... he again....
I did this in depression.. I ordered KDL2 last week and it came today... I played to 100% (Yes, I'm a freak.. XDDD), then after the credits I turned my GB off and... all was deleted! T___T I was so sad that I wanted to make something happy... lol... That's why he is singing.. XD
It's a tiny animation, but it took me 2 hours... I don't know why this little animations always take so much time. D:
I hope you like it~ c:
1 commentsZeri
Zero Two Gijinka VS Sprite281 viewsI made this yesterday but I'd forgotten to upload this.....
btw, I'm back.... I hadn't uploaded something for long time because I hadn't drawn any Kirby Stuff... I'd always drawn something with Pokémon. Lol.
After I made this one I got back my interest in Kirby.... That's why I would make more stuff with it again.. yay.
I know... these sprites aren't really spectacular (Or how this word is?).... but it's really fun to make them. <33
Yep... I always see him as a child... I don't know why.....
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