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Image search results - "dal"
Kirby holding a baby486 viewsKirby holding a baby meta knight. wait... isnt meta knight a bad guy... oh whatever!8 commentsevan817
soup knights1031 viewsInspired by Dal's comic 47.

I'm mad that KRR art gallery doesn't allow images bigger than 20000pixel height. :C Sorry if it's all screwy, because MS Paint pixels do not resize well.
5 commentsRWMVG1DC
Emo Falspar is Emo677 viewshttp://demandincompensation

This was a joke with Dal and a random oekaki doodle. I forgot to upload it here when I went on my internet hiatus weeks ago. xD
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
A Soldier's Side - Jerca Wallpaper416 views(OMG ITS A WALLPAPER)
Um, yay Photoshop?

Character owned by HAL Labratories, artwork and style by Crystal Medalis, Soldier's Side (song) sung by System of a Down. I claim nothing.
1 commentsCrystal Medalis
Scarfy the "Cat"225 views100 Themes; #23 - Cat

Dunno why I didn't do TAC or Nago for this one.

Character owned by HAL. Art by Crystal Medalis.
Crystal Medalis
A Meta's Insanity333 views100 Themes; #12 - Insanity

Meta's el loco in the coco! lol My friend came up with that.
I have to say, this is my favorite so far. I love drawing crazy MKs.
Yes, I know I'm also crazy. Don't remind me.

Character owned by HAL, art by Crystal Medalis.
Crystal Medalis
Marx's Introduction506 views100 Themes; #1 - Introduction

My other idea was a panel of the first Kirby game.

Characters owned by HAL, art by Crystal Medalis
Crystal Medalis
Hopeless Love-Struck Gooey327 views100 Themes; #60 - Rejection

This made me laugh while drawing it. Poor Gooey.

Characters owned by HAL.
Designs and artwork owned by Crystal Medalis.
Crystal Medalis
Sraypainted Kirby296 viewsI like the drawing but it probably could use some work2 commentsDingleSniff
Walk Through the Forest916 viewsThis is loosely based on the forest stage of Kirby and the Crystal Shards. At the beginning, I was timing myself, but I lost count. I'm not quite satisfied with the trees, but they are an improvement from earlier attempts. I did not use references except for Dale, that glowing enemy from Air Ride.

I was trying to finish this instead of a comic for this week. I'll have to postpone next week's comic too, for my schedule has become busy, and I need more ideas.
3 commentsAdol
Humanu185 viewsSaid to have been the ancestor of Mukaporu humanoids. A well known predator of Aicurimu.Kirby Rider
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