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Image search results - "dedede,"
Pose for the portrait338 viewsKing Dedede and Kirby pose as the heroes of Dreamland for an artist's vision. Is it Ado? Adeleine? Paint Roller? I suggest you not ponder it too much; I didn't.Nanabobo
His Majesty's Playfulness219 viewsThis is basically an inked doodle of King Dedede running. Who knows why, but it's a good reference point of how I draw His Highness. Notice the fact that his robe does not reach the floor as it does in Brawl. I use the tan belly patch of pre-Kirby 64 games (and also the 2D ones). The hat has more give than official art. Finally, the most important thing to notice is that I draw his zigzagged belly warmer as striped pants. It is a large difference, but it makes it easier to draw that way.Nanabobo
His Majesty's Greed223 viewsWait, I haven't even uploaded a single colour picture of His Highness? This must be rectified immediately! Well, this is King Dedede stealing all the food in Dreamland. I wonder if this shot will ever be seen somewhere else?Nanabobo
Dance Competition507 viewsHere's a first glance at the characters from... By now it might be a little obvious, but it's still classified. Well, Kirby is showing off to Dedede his awesome dance. Dedede and PD have been planning a little something, though...

Thanks to Ian, my good friend in college, for arranging my doodles into a comic frame. I wish I had a program that could resize pictures well enough for that...

And don't mention where the altered name of the dance came from. Yes, it's based off Waddle Dee Army.
Mount Dedede242 viewsAh, the serene visage of His Highness standing atop a mountain, his eccentric yet practical home off in the distance...

Or, y'know, something I was doing instead of an essay, whichever...
Fan of Smash Bros.557 viewsYou never see King Dedede interacting with his friends much. I want to see how he reacts to the antics of them- and them to his. Here we see what happens when you and two others from your planet grant rights to a video game company to use your image.

Thanks again to Ian for putting my doodles into sequence. It helps a lot.
A Brief Candy Break609 viewsYes. I went with the stereotypical hyper Kirby joke. I'm getting anticipatory about Kirby Super Star Ultra, give me a break, okay?!

For the record, in my... erm... classified fan-relationship, most people just call King Dedede "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness". Kirby, however, calls him "King Dedede" when he first sees him in the morning, and "Dedede" for the rest of the day.
4 commentsNanabobo
Spring Breeze356 viewsJust you wait, King Dedede! Just you wait! I'll knock you out of that castle and listen to the awesome ending again in just another week or so! Nanabobo
Where did PD come from?600 viewsThis is where PD came from. Yes, he came from a misunderstanding by Kirby of King Dedede. Here we see how I interpret Kirby's personality, a bit more of Kirby and His Majesty's relationship, and, of course, how psyched I am for Kirby Super Star Ultra.3 commentsNanabobo
King Dedede!534 viewsI felt I had to do this, since my last picture was just horrendous. I based this off the official art(actually, I created a grid over the actual image a technique usually used to increase the size.) from Kirby's Dreamland. I was only going to make changes to make it more in line with his modern appearance, but I accidently made a slight perspective change that is only noticable when compared with the original image. He looks like he came out of a Looney Toon short, doesn't he? No gradient this time.3 commentssuperyoshi888
No winners at the Gourmet Race922 viewsThis was made for a contest a long time ago on DA.

Meta Knight in up swooping in a stealing the last Maximum tomato near the end of the race. <3
5 commentsJessicaSephiroth
Kirby's Essence Adventure374 viewsMore on this later.1 commentsghostmetaknight
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