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Image search results - "dedede-daimyo"
Dedede-Daimyo tribute431 viewsI made a tribute for Dedede-Daimyo because he's awsome, and also I made a video of it on You tube
now the whole world will be able to see his art!
4 commentsKirby-4-ever
future of burningkirby99568 viewsthis is a picture of my dream here at the KRR fan gallery: To get better ratings and better comments, yes but that's not it! To be the BEST!!! that is my dream! By the way this picture is my TRUE true dream. By the way, that blob with PAINT on it says Minon on it and the canvas say DeDeDe-Daimyo, you're next! ha! if only that picture was true.......6 commentsBurningkirby99
Happy Birthday1459 viewsI want to commemorate KRR on its 10th birthday with this simple, Patrick McDonnell-reminiscent drawing. Happy birthday.

I had no idea it was today, so I was a little rushed. (Also, I'm about to leave for a while, so I wanted to get it done today.) But I hope you enjoy it.

Interesting thing, is that as I continued working on it, I gradually got "When You Wish Upon a Star" more and more stuck in my head. Like that song, I hold KRR dear to my heart, so I think it's fitting.

Have a great 10th.
15 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Samurai Kirby Crew3572 viewsTeyande! Over the past few months, now that my epic-ordeal known as the Mailbag Manga has passed, I have been contemplating the creation of a new manga, based on the universe of the Samurai Kirby subgame in Kirby Super Star. I am unsure about committing to such an endeavor (I really should start spending some time on an original work) but if there is enough positive response to this proposal, I will create a chapter and see where the story goes from there.
Tonikaku, here we have the three main characters- Kirby, Meta, and Dedede- with modified designs, drawn and colored in the KSS style. Each comes from a different class of Feudal Japanese hierarchy; their personalities reflect their game counterparts, but the characters and setting are separate from traditional Kirby-canon. Their names derive from the Japanese pronunciation. The locale is Eastern Popstar, Dreamland of the Rising Sun, a place where everything is Oriental-style with a Kirby-twist.
Dedede-Daimyo: the highest ruler in all the 'Land (disregarding the unseen Shogun)! He commands the country from his prodigious castle-fortress and demands absolute loyalty from his retainers and subjects. Very much like the games, Dedede shows his influence by ordering his citizens to pay high taxes to him as tribute, in koku (i.e. stealing their food). He is dressed in traditional Samurai Kirby costume, with a high-collar, kabuki-style trim, and ceremonial Odachi sword. I finally got the topknot hairstyle down, by incorporating Dedede's crown from Kirby 64, to create a true chasen-gami look. The name is a play on his Japanese name, Dedede-Daio (great king), with the last character changed to signify him as a Daimyo (samurai lord).
Metanaito Musashi: the most advanced swordsman in allegiance to the Daimyo. He is a warrior of unparallelled skill and discipline, enthralled by the samurai code of Bushido and Zen. As in the games, Meta is a great general and commands an army under Dedede, but secretly plots to overthrow him one day. His appearance draws from his official look, combined with plated samurai armor and neck-guard, and dual, Daisho swords, one of which is the Master Sword from the games. The iconic slash on his mask from Samurai Kirby here comes with the loss of one eye, so as not to fall victim to the tired cliche. Meta Knight's forename follows the romanji of his Japanese name, Metanaito, with the surname baring a reference to Miyamoto Musashi, Japan's greatest swordsman.
Kabimaru: a young boy from a peasant-farming family that claims the title of Samurai Kirby in order to rise through the ranks, and right the wrongs that plague the country. He is just a Beginner swordsman, having labored in the fields most of his young life, but with continuing effort, eventually becomes a Novice, and finally an Expert fencer. However, there is more to this Samurai Kirby than meets the eye-- he has the power to inhale enemies and their attacks to copy their abilities. He channels the copied power into his Rainbow Sword, the Kaleido-Katana, similar to ability combos in Squeak Squad that gives him a boost in skill. Samurai Kirby's appearance is unchanged from the Titular game, except that he has a more cheerful disposition. The name Kabimaru stems from Kirby's Japanese name, Kaabii, and maru, meaning circle, a naming-suffix for boys in feudal-era Japan. Very fitting, no?
So, that's it. Based on the fans' judgments, I may make a manga in accordance with what I've laid-out here. Drawn in pencil, inked in India ink brush pens, colored in color pencil, and sprite background added in GIMP.
11 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Koi-mono3409 views(Also known as the Koi-sode) Well, another semester of art college comes to a close. This outfit is based on my final project, a piece of wearable art- designed, sewn, and painted by myself. For the holiday of Japanese Children's Day, I have combined a fish-shaped kimono/kosode with the pattern of "Koinobori", Carp-streamer-windsocks. Also, the appearence of my sorta-fan-character has changed to reflect the impact of my training. Can you spot all references to Kirby's past and present, among others? Drawn in pencil, inked in brush-marker, and colored in felt tips.
(Well now that it's finally been posted, I can continue my comments)
~Now is that Gratitude, or is it really love? Some kind of reality, that fits just like a glove. Now is that Gratitude, for everything I've done? Or is it something else, that's got me on the run.~
What is this!? No longer can I instantly upload? No more #5 Gold Kirbies on my ratings? Who am I? I am not afraid to state, that I'm not particularly fond of the current state of KRR. Though I hate to admit it, I feel like the site is becoming the same stale shell of itself it was before a certain “rebirth” of humor and creativity, which has since passed, sad to say. This “renaissance” was what motivated me to get involved with the site in the first place, instead of just lurking as I'd done for years before, and it pains me to see all the witty efforts (including some of my own) having been buried by the dust of passive conformity. As I have displayed in art college, it is not enough to settle for mediocrity, you must not compromise your skilled potential for the easier path. Constantly push yourself farther, raise the bar for standards, and lead others through good example, and no doubt prosperity will flourish. The new KRR needs to take a clue from the past few years and give the viewers something they would really enjoy, in a way that incorporates the individual, and encourages others to join in, too. DO THIS, instead of activities which are ultimately just vainglorious attempts of self promotion by the few to many faceless titled-staff. Be steamed at me all you want, but first look at yourselves and see it you are really doing all you can for this great website. If so, you will really not have time to spare on me...
Yeah, I've had a bunch of art in the works for the site for a long while now. New sculptures, big drawings, picture scrolls, pic-fics, etc. Now that it's summer, I actually have the time to get some of that out here. However, I'm not sure if I really want to now. Simply put, I've lost the motivation. I still have my passion for Kirby, of course, but the site isn't exactly welcoming to me at this time. I guess I am partially to blame, having been out of the picture for so many months, but there is no excuse. Whatever happens, I wish all kirby fans the best of luck in the future.
13 commentsDedede-Daimyo
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