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Image search results - "dee,"
Kirby and waddle dee958 viewssaying hiya!9 commentsNana
Some Popular Characters337 viewsYeah, I almost never include Sailor Dee, Meta Knight, or Keeby in my drawings. Which makes them feel bad. And so I drew them.1 commentsNanabobo
Parasol Waddle Dee257 viewsSquee! It's a little Waddle Dee! Isn't it cute? And completely unrelated to the Camera History paper I was supposed to be doing there?1 commentsNanabobo
Space Kirbity371 viewsGround control to Waddle Dee
Your air's run low, can you even breath?
Can you hear me, Waddle Dee?
Can you hear me, Waddle Dee?
Can you hear me, Waddle Dee?
Can you....

Here I float round my beautiful star
Far above the clouds
I am feeling blue
And there's nothing I can do.

Well, my first tribute. Despite the title, it features Waddle Dee. This is a tribute to the songs Space Oddity and Space Doggity, the latter of which makes me cry because it is so sad.
1 commentssuperyoshi888
Waddle Dee Arsenal210 viewsI drew this when I was finished with my test. I colored it back home. Please enjoy!1 commentsWaddleDee64
Springtime Dozing736 viewsI picture I drew for the FP challenge for March. I guess it turned out pretty good.WaddleDee64
Kirby models649 viewsLeft to Right: Kirby, Brotherly Kirby, Unpainted Kirby, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Squishy, Running Kirby (Only one arm :( ) Nruff, Kirby, Popon, Kirby, Sword Kirby. And a Dinosaur. 1 commentspogman
Spear Dee, King Dedede, Shotzo291 viewsThese go in Dedede's castle but are out for a walk (so you can see them).pogman
Bandanna Dee373 viewsHis bandanna's a bit low, but still looks quite good.pogman
Grape Garden Models pt. 2406 viewsMore models which appear in the Grape Garden section of my Kirby's Adventure stand.pogman
Vegetable Valley Models443 viewsModels which appear in the Vegetable Valley section of my Kirby's Adventure stand.pogman
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