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Image search results - "design"
Bug Kirby499 viewsBug Kirby, my third ability redesign. But what is it exactly a redesign of? Well, of the "Snare" ability combo from Kirby 64. Since Suplex/Backdrop has been replaced by Throw in Kirby's newer games(Not SSU, but that is a remake), I decided to add in some bug-like elements to give poor Buggzy a new ability.

Also, if you look closely, I used a darker pink for Kirby's shoes and cheeks rather than red. I did this because I already used ruby and red on the main design. Oh, and Happy New Year!

EDIT: This looks really sloppy when I look back at it. Hopefully my next drawing won't look as bad.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
Pirate Captain Stitch345 viewsArrr, the Needles Miniboss from DLII&III says all ye landlubbers need ta talk like a pirate on International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye scurvy dogs better talk like a ol' buccaneer now, or ye be walkin' the plank!

As I had mentioned in an old comment somewhere in this gallery, I always believed that CS should be in pirate get-up. He is also somewhat stitched together, too, thus earning more of each part of his name.
kwrpg city414 viewscity concept for kwrpg. oldAmika
kwrpg backgrounds411 views1 commentsAmika
Ultimate Galaxia295 viewsI combined the designs of Meta Knight's sword, Galaxia, from the anime and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's a REALLY big sword...maybe I'll make Meta Knight wield it?
In this picture, I attempted at making a cool background (I don't usually make backgrounds)
Made using 0.7 mechanical, ink pen, and colored pencils. enjoy :D
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