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Dance Competition500 viewsHere's a first glance at the characters from... By now it might be a little obvious, but it's still classified. Well, Kirby is showing off to Dedede his awesome dance. Dedede and PD have been planning a little something, though...

Thanks to Ian, my good friend in college, for arranging my doodles into a comic frame. I wish I had a program that could resize pictures well enough for that...

And don't mention where the altered name of the dance came from. Yes, it's based off Waddle Dee Army.
Chalk Doo is Depressed294 viewsThis is just a Waddle Doo apparently coloured Chalk. And it seems sad. I really have problems with the emotions of Waddle Doos. 3 commentsNanabobo
PD's wave180 viewsThis is PD waving. It is actually a relatively well-drawn picture. I am happy with it. What will it be used for? That's classified.Nanabobo
The Three Silhouettes313 viewsPD... Kirby... And King Dedede in silhouette? Is this going to be some part of the thing I've been hiding that no one has even realized? Maybe I'm going too far with this? Who can tell?Nanabobo
Spring Breeze347 viewsJust you wait, King Dedede! Just you wait! I'll knock you out of that castle and listen to the awesome ending again in just another week or so! Nanabobo
Where did PD come from?590 viewsThis is where PD came from. Yes, he came from a misunderstanding by Kirby of King Dedede. Here we see how I interpret Kirby's personality, a bit more of Kirby and His Majesty's relationship, and, of course, how psyched I am for Kirby Super Star Ultra.3 commentsNanabobo
Various Sculptures573 viewsWaddle Doo, Bronto Burt, Kirby (was unpainted), Gabon (without skull), Shotzo, Blipper, Gabon (with skull)1 commentspogman
Beam Kirby vs. Waddle Doo263 viewsI might repaint his skin colour in the near future as beam is more of a pale yellow colour. Also, he's a bit flat.pogman
Grape Garden Models pt. 2356 viewsMore models which appear in the Grape Garden section of my Kirby's Adventure stand.pogman
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