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Image search results - "dragon"
Dragon Kirby672 viewsNew Fan-made copy ability
Like fire+burning, but mixed with mk's wing fly move
5 commentsAlbertMasterofGalaxia
My Ultimate Pokemon Roster688 viewsYeah, no Kirby stuff, but that's because I've been putting all of my energy into finishing this. XD;;;

All of my favorite pokemon of every type. All 17 of them.

Poison: Gengar
Normal: Meowth
Psychic: Mew
Fire: Typhlosion
Rock: Aron
Electric: Raichu
Water: Wartortle
Ground: Larvitar
Ghost: Banette
Steel: Jirachi
Ice: Spheal
Flying: Togetic
Bug: Shedinja
Dark: Umbreon
Grass: Jumpluff
Dragon: Gible
Fighting: Riolu
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
frost dragon... scary form460 viewsA more realistic and scary form of the frost dragon monster2 commentsFranky-Du
4 New Abilities609 viewsKirby stars in 4 new abilites I made up. I hope you like them! Please tell me what you think!
I will be making seperate art of each, including the helpers, and some of the moves.
1 commentsTheorizer
Gibi, New Design425 viewsI tried to make Gibi look abit more different than Prank, so I made his horns different, I gave him a big tongue, I gave him a tail, and I gave him bigger wings, along with a differnet color. Tell me what you think! Is Gibi 1 better, or is Gibi 2 better? Please comment!2 commentsTheorizer
Great Red Dragon386 viewsYay, finally I have something of decent quality in my gallery. Anyway, for you people not in the know, Great Dragon (or Red Dragon as he is called in the original KSS) is the third phase of the harder version of the Computer Virus Boss fight, and probably the second hardest of the five (Evil Knight is harder to me). (This was done in hand, then edited with MSPaint.)
2 commentsShruggin' Rock
Snow Dragon1235 viewsKirby's not quite as skilled as Ado when it comes to snowman making. She has a lovely Ice Dragon and he, well, it was supposed to be her.

This image was supposed to be the Front Page image for January, but then I wound up hatin' on it due to the horrible smudging in Kirby's ink, so I postponed using it and wound up not all together. Stupid water colors.
5 commentsBimblesnaff
Crowded Canvas1073 viewsAdo's gonna need a bigger board.4 commentsBimblesnaff
Rejected If's270 viewsKo(Pronounced Koh) and Stilt 'n' Change.they were rejected. see if you can guess which one they were in (different for both)Airride_Master
Aisu Doragon484 viewsThis was drawn in the oekaki like Meta Naito. This time I drew an actual scene rather than just the featured character and the katakana. Aisu Doragon, in katakana, is at the top left corner, though it may be a bit difficult to see due to the color scheme of the picture.

Ice Dragon has always been among my favorite bosses since I first saw it, but I'm not quite sure why. It probably is because it is a cute dragon that breathes ice.

Who didn't see this coming after reading today's Gobbo session?
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Simple Picture1527 viewsDone in Photsoshop with a different style. The birds on the bottom are Pitch and Piyo.1 commentsAdol
Kirby and His Kast of Thousands - 2!!1730 viewsThat's right! #2! This one features the bosses from The Dark Matter Trilogy, with a new-ish style!7 commentsKirazy
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