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Image search results - "dreamland"
Morning In Dreamland1495 viewsRandom 3D stuff34 commentsdonkeyDude
Darkness in Dreamland1254 viewsA recent picture I did 2 days ago (April 1st) of Dark Matter and Dark Castle... My inspiration was the wicked Dark Castle remix I'm sure some of you remember... Ya know.. The one that was taken down... Sad... (I downloaded it so I'm not too sad.. But kinda sad nobody can get it there anymore)

Anyway I love Dreamland 2.. And Dark Matter... Especially Dark Matter...

Outlines Done in Macromedia Flash 8, Colored in Photoshop Elements 3.0
8 commentsEyeofCalamity
Dark Warrior1172 viewsMade this July of last year... (July 30th, 2007)

Basically a Humanized version of Dark Matter as it appeared in Kirby's Dreamland 2... At first this was just for fun.. But now I plan on making him a Character in a Kirby Universe Fan Comic I want to start. But I don't know when I can get around to starting it...

Drawn Completely in Photoshop Elements 3.0
1 commentsEyeofCalamity
Long Live the King(fix)746 viewsDedede looks out of the castle to survey his kingdom.
I originally wanted him to look smug, but instead he came out looking strangely calm.
(Sorry about the reupload! I didn't know of any other way to upload a different image on top of this one. The thumb was in the wrong position, and needed to be fixed.)
5 commentsDynablade
Zero489 viewsCRAB BATTLE... No wait...

I love his theme. xD And drew this at the Oekaki. :3

Pretty fun battle.
2 commentsPikmingirl
Kirby and Gooey324 viewsWhat could those two be running from? :O1 commentsPikmingirl
Kine the Sunfish358 viewsFish out of water, yes!

:D I like him. This was pretty fun to make along with others.
Heart Rod/ Love-love Stick604 viewsAn item obtained once finished getting all the heart stars in Kirby's Dreamland 3. :D

Being good is... GOOD!
Dark Matter523 viewsThe first form of Zero (0). Also, they posses people and animals! 8D

Watch out.~
Not Quick Enough3215 viewsKing Dedede defeating Kirby in the Samurai Kirby minigame, "Quick Draw" of Nightmare in Dreamland. I always preferred this minigame over others and the original Quick Draw because all the characters are portrayed in traditional Japanese clothing, in a reflex-testing adrenallin rush! Drawn in pencil, colored in colored pencil, inked in painted black ink.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Rolling Hills and Golden Paths267 viewsI felt like drawing a picture of Dreamland. And if you can guess what real-life place this picture was inspired by, I'll... I dunno, make a commission for you or something. Because it's near impossible to tell.1 commentsNanabobo
The Puff Bowl222 viewsI was reading about the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression here in America. And I started thinking about how there's occasionally open areas in Dreamland. And the beautifully coloured clouds. So I imagined a giant cloud of cotton candy sweeping through the red plains of Dreamland.Nanabobo
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