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Cane Knight483 viewsIF Entry by Stewie

Cane was an entry wildly disliked by 'Snaff due to the crescent symbol, which is used by fellow knight Trident. However, based on Cane's bio, he fits more with DL2 than the Meta-Knights (although I feel this was not the creator's intentions), so reusing the moon is no worse than Butch using Axe's skull.
Palette and design from the DL2 knights. Tried to angle the staff moon to look like a cane's crook.
Torch Knight859 viewsIF Knights entry by Airride Master

I didn't give it a go originally because of its lack of finer details, relying on that "armor" that seems to plague so many of the fan-made Knights. I shall commend the entry on specifying no colors, however; people don't seem to realize that the enemies in Dream Land can have a wide and varying palette.
1 commentsMints
Cake2513 viewsCake is my entry for the Enemy Emulation contest. When a blopper is swallowed, Kirby morphs into the sweet tooth assasin! Despite how much this look likes a Kopy Ability, it is not, and has no Blank Spot. You can learn more about Cake Kirby if he gets into the contest!22 commentsKirazy
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Ouchin372 viewsOne of the entries from the Oversized Opponent IF Contest, the Ouchin. I really liked the design of this enemy, so I drew my rendition of it. Remember, kids - look, don't touch!MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Bulbig347 viewsGBContro!'s entry from the latest IF contest. It's kind of cute, for what amounts to Plasma Wisp as a light bulb with magnets for hands.MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Doomstone383 viewsSpookblade's entry from the latest IF contest. It's basically just a tombstone with a face that spits bones at you.

peperony and chease
1 commentsMonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Biggupine334 viewsJDLJDL's entry from the newest IF contest. It's a Grizzo, except it's covered in spikes. Despite its inherent unoriginality, I decided to draw it anyway.MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Saucer Tosser436 viewsMarioKirbyFireballer's entry from the latest IF contest. This one's name sounds kind of lewd if you're an Aussie.2 commentsMonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Big Smile368 viewsmrgameandpie's entry from the latest IF contest. It's a creature with big eyes and bigger teeth that tries to bite you, and can also make the room brighter (but that makes it dizzy). Since it shows up in dark places, I put it on a dark background with low-contrast colors.MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Starbow359 viewsLordHyper's entry from the latest IF contest. This one actually turned out surprisingly adorable. Maybe I should mass-produce plush copies of the little guy and start my own marketing empire! ...Nah.MonoKrome
Oversized Opponent IF Contest - Springen379 viewsCommander Keen's entry from the latest IF contest. This one actually looks a lot like Balrog. Huzzah!1 commentsMonoKrome
Violush516 viewsEntry for the Simply Ungifted IF contest.krackocloud
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