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Image search results - "fairy"
KCCh - Ripple Star Fairies1943 viewsRipple Star Fairies get to join the fray in KCCh as well. They could be trained with the abilities present from K64: Cutter, Spear(Needle), Bomb, Ice, Plasma(Spark), Fire(Burning), and Quake(Stone).

I will hopefully be able to talk about how we go about with species specific abilities for helpers soon.
2 commentsMinon
KCCh - Spear Fairy1241 viewsThis actually was done before the fairy ability pic. Wanted to see how well I could draw in this style, then it linked to a little spree afterwards. Took about 3 hrs, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.2 commentsMinon
KCCh? - Dryad Fairy822 viewsI'm in an artsy mood lately :p

As suggested by MegaWarp, a try at a Wood Ability Fairy, a Dryad.

This design doesn't quite have the touch that the other fairies have, but then again Wood Ability itself is not in K64 like the other Abilities a Fairy can use anyways. Not absolutely sure if we'll have her in.

Ah well, I do feel happy with the coloring though.

Wood Ability and Dryad Fairy was designed by the KCCh team
Fairy and the Golem1738 viewsJust an artsy pic for artsy purposes for once. Full view is recommended.

Humanized(or Gijinka, whatever) Dryad Fairy + Wood Golem. I don't think I've painted this well in the past, ever.

One layer, sans the sky, and no lineart or sketch beforehand. Painted in Sai with Wacom Bamboo.

Doing huge tangles of vines is a very painful task.

Not quite sure if I could call this Kirby art at this point...
10 commentsMinon
Explosive1114 viewsI'll just note I love using Bomb Ability. Somewhat because I like the Poppys quite a bit.5 commentsMinon
Kirby's Fairy Tales2335 viewsI made this in January, but just now I could post. I hope you like it.
It's a parody of many fairy tales. Can you indentify each one of them?
Tiff is really upset...And Wolfwrath (or Chilidog, whatever) doesn't have anything to eat, 'cause Kirby ate all of the candies...
I love fairy tales! And I drew this for the theme 61)Fairy Tale of the 100 pic challenge.
5 commentsgerugeon
Ripple Star Fairy Soldiers1086 viewsRealizing how unarmed they were after the Dark Matter attack, Ripple Star decides to change that a little.

...or something like that.

Some designs improved and some completely redone since the last time I drew them, and some are still subject to a few changes.

Top three may or may not look familiar. In any case, keep any sarcasm at a low level.
6 commentsMinon
Marry Me Kirby1883 viewsI guess I had a very sweet moment, when I drew this some time ago now. But finaly lazy me coloured it and I like it.x3
Hope you like it as well.
10 commentsHisui
Crystal Kirby585 viewsIf I could redesign Crystal Kirby....

...Although I just might make this an OC.
Drew this in iScribble. (draw and chat website)
Old Ribbon Picture443 views'Ere's an ol' drawin' o' Ribb'n. I gave 'er th' last name Lov'nheardt (Lovingheardt) fer th' heck o' it. It sounds like th' kinda name Ribb'n 'd 'ave.1 commentsAterkirbus
fairy303 viewsa ripple star fairy =) sort of1 commentsAmika
It's Not Quite Over Yet...339 viewsI wanted to draw the possessed Queen Fairy on the last page in my sketchbook, and so I did! Coloured with pencils but, like most of my other tradtional work, brightened on GIMP~ Fullview is probably your best friend on this picture...Feel free to comment and rate! Please? ^w^kirbykawaii2105
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