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Image search results - "fangame"
Chu Chu Pre-Official Art706 viewsI'm trying to get a feel for the style. Note that the Wind Waker-styled Adeleine has nothing to do with the project (although Adeleine will be involved at one point).

Anyway, I might as well explain the Fountain of Dreams Project now. Basically a future fan game similar to EarthBound with various Kirby characters. Though I'm giving it the name of Fountain of Dreams project, it is untitled for now. I am already working on sprites, but I just started. Let's just say you won't see it till 2015. D:
6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Game Preview Screen Shot BETA #1959 viewsIs it okay to post sprites on some occasions too? These are all custome except for the background. If so, the game will use a MOTHER3-like battle system. I am already going to write the script when I can. Phan Phan is a boss in the game. Another new feature is Call, where Kirby uses his Cell Phone to get back up from other friends. I may soon take character submissions to appear as an NPC in the game, too. Maybe the game will come a couple years sooner than 2015. ;)3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
The King1689 viewsOur well-known King Dedede of Dreamland. With the Super Smash Bros. Brawl outfit, this is the model that'll be used in KCCh. The shading looks screwy on his robe here, but it should come out fine in-game.14 commentsMinon
KCCh - Wooden Pair1233 viewsColored in from a Concept Sketch.

I personally like how Wood Kirby's design turned up. Those vines in the back are also part of the ring base that makes up the hat.

It's interesting how each elemental ability has a different shaped gem on the front of the hat. Following that, Wood gets a pentagon.

Kirby + Golem (C) Nintendo/Hal Laboratory
Wood Ability and Wood Golem were designed by the KCCh team.
9 commentsMinon
KCCh? - Dryad Fairy842 viewsI'm in an artsy mood lately :p

As suggested by MegaWarp, a try at a Wood Ability Fairy, a Dryad.

This design doesn't quite have the touch that the other fairies have, but then again Wood Ability itself is not in K64 like the other Abilities a Fairy can use anyways. Not absolutely sure if we'll have her in.

Ah well, I do feel happy with the coloring though.

Wood Ability and Dryad Fairy was designed by the KCCh team
KCCh - Meta Team1129 viewsEpic team is epic.

Both Javelin Knight and Trident Knight share the same Spear ability btw.
10 commentsMinon
Fairy and the Golem1763 viewsJust an artsy pic for artsy purposes for once. Full view is recommended.

Humanized(or Gijinka, whatever) Dryad Fairy + Wood Golem. I don't think I've painted this well in the past, ever.

One layer, sans the sky, and no lineart or sketch beforehand. Painted in Sai with Wacom Bamboo.

Doing huge tangles of vines is a very painful task.

Not quite sure if I could call this Kirby art at this point...
10 commentsMinon
Mirror Promo474 viewsMirror will be given about 4 more moves due to it's weak in numbers moveset. Mirror also is given a blue and green hat, instead of a red and blue hat, to give mirror more mirror like hat colors. Mirror is given a blue sphere sceptor, like KSS, and KSSU, so the sceptor is different from the jewel sceptor of Beam in Kirby and the Dark Heart. Mirror also has triangles on the hat instead of stars, so that is more different too. Mirror Kirby also no longer turns Kirby's skin white, due to the Spray Painting.4 commentsTheorizer
Fixing the face, part21313 viewsSo after finding that the simpler eyes work out just fine with KSS's style of characters, this is what Kekes should look like in KCCh now.11 commentsMinon
fixing the face, part1910 viewsThe fact that we had Kekes in KCCh have different eyes than in KDL3 and K64 has been bothering me for a good long while.
At first I dismissed the issue by saying having it like the KDL3 eyes would otherwise make it not fit the KSS style characters too well.

But after trying this, I've noticed it still matches...
3 commentsMinon
Magic Promo420 viewsYet another promo. This Promo is for the magic ability. This shows Kirby doing the move where if you hold B for 3 seconds, the roulette starts. I really like the effects on this pic. Tell me what yall think!1 commentsTheorizer
KCCh - Cutscene Test 001341 viewsREAD ME DARN IT

KCCh now has cutscenes working. This is a test, hence the lack of a textured Castle.

Watch the cutscene here
9 commentsMinon
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