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Image search results - "galbo"
Simple Picture1545 viewsDone in Photsoshop with a different style. The birds on the bottom are Pitch and Piyo.1 commentsAdol
Fiery Foes767 viewsAcchi, Magoo, Galbo, Bobo, Burnin' Leo, Flamer, and Hot Head. That's about all the fire related baddies I could think of outside of mini-bosses and those in Crystal Shards.2 commentsBimblesnaff
Galbo314 viewsYes, drew this at the kaki. And yes, I realize I haven't followed through with my promises of a big image. But, uh, heres another empty promise: I WILL be done with it by the end of the year. Not sure when I will have time to work on it.

Anyways, it's just...Galbo. I was originally planning a funny picture...but it became this.
Red Reign Battle1090 viewsA mighty clash with the uncaptured "champions" of Pop Star against the nefarious Regis Red and his extra-dimensional lackeys. Many familiar faces, many not. The diamond 'dorned dominant center is the crux of Dream Lands woes. Squeaky Bogg and Ometon aren't fighting him alone, however. Trident Knight, Waddle Dee & Doo, Mumbies, Marx, Rick, Kine, Coo, and even Samus join the fray along with others. Too many to name.
Color pencil, ink, some PhotoShop.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
Fire and Ice482 viewsQuick, small sketches of Galbo and Chilly blown up to enormous size. I did these back during the summer on some of those paper tablets hotels give you for some reason to see how quickly I could do DL quick scratch art en masse.

And then I scanned under Linux for the first time to disastrous/grainy results.
4 commentsMints
Jungle Ambush329 viewsJust the foes from the jungle level on Neo Star.

Made with markers and colored pencils.
2 commentsAero
Fire Kirby Vs. Chilly, Flamer, and Galbo555 viewsI haven't made an Ice Kirby yet so Chilly has to be Vs. Fire Kirby. Also, I haven't (and so far have no intention to) make a Burning.pogman
Galbo506 viewsRunic Luis
Bad Guys1166 viewsBad guys, bad guys, ev'rybody loves bad guys.5 commentsBimblesnaff
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