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Image search results - "gooey"
Gooey and Dark Matter460 viewsGooey and Dark Matter. Arent they related?9 commentsAlexM
Gooey291 viewsA picture of Gooey I drew a long time ago...2 commentsLunar Guy
that gooey fellow780 viewsgooey!! quit drooling all over the grass!!4 commentsDiddgery
Caramelldansen1076 viewsEveryone likes it.7 commentssilverlunar777
Kirby and Gooey330 viewsWhat could those two be running from? :O1 commentsPikmingirl
Naptime for the puff heroes592 viewsThis is what happens when I'm bored at school/band. Not the sleeping part, though you can rest assured that happens fairly often enough as well. I ended up doodling Kirby and Gooey sleeping- 'cept in colour.1 commentsNanabobo
Gooeyball go!428 viewsMan, that one scene where Kirby-tachi are using Gooey as a ball, and he bounces against a wall and lands on a flower, then Chuchu gets angry and yells, so to make up he licks her, and everyone has a revolted look on their faces? Good times. Good, good times.1 commentsNanabobo
Gooey and Chuchu504 viewsPoor Chuchu!1 commentsHyper Waddle Dee
Gooey Against Moogong1191 viewsWhen your best friend is kidnapped... the only thing you have left is revenge! And a sword... and no shirt!

When I decided to make a real entry for the miniboss creation contest, I got to thinkin', and that is a terrible thing for me to do. An idea popped into my head of old video game box art, which invariably featured a barbarian guy wielding a sword, no matter what the game was about.

So, here's Gooey the Shirtless against new ice miniboss Moogong. Yes, I said Ice.

Play now!
8 commentsMints
Batby & Goobin541 viewsA crossover of the classical heroes and our friendly hungry blobs.2 commentskirby123
Gooey231 viewsEveryone seems to love this friendly blob of dark matter. :)kirby123
Black Cloud716 viewsThe famous scene from Dreamland 3 in which Dark Matter covers the skies with his evil entity.10 commentsTheorizer
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