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Image search results - "hair"
Zero Kirby489 viewsYou know, I'm a Mega Man-fan too...
And I love the Zero series. So, this what happens...

Drawn with Colors! homebrew for DS
1 commentsGalacta Kirby
HAIR! I am sorry for this387 viewsYeah, my drawing skills are pretty bad, and are probably amplified in MSPaint, although I wasn't going for drawing of the year or even last five seconds award...

But basically after reading a certain greeny gum's rant I decided for the heckle of it to draw Kirby characters WITH HAIR OH MY GEE WHAT INSANITY IS THIS

Obviously Kirby gets the, uh, orange fiery-lightning hair, Gooey gets a mohawk, and King Dedede... he gets Princess Peach's hair for some reason.
1 commentsTopmonhit
I am awesome for I... have a moustache...536 viewsJust a very stupid picture I made on Ms paint.2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Meta Doodles370 viewsThey're not just doodles.. they're META doodles! *facepalm*
Yep, it's just a bunch of random Meta Knights in equally random poses. The time it took to make each knight ranged from 5 seconds to one minute. What a way to pass the time..
I suppose *FULL VIEW* would allow you to see it better.
What's my catchphrase again? Oh, yeah..
enjoy :D
2 commentsMetaKnight#1fan
Hairball1745 viewsIt was a bit of a silly idea, but Kirby coughing up a cat coughing up a hairball felt like a funny idea at the time.
Also, DDD let the cat out of the Kirby.

I'll show myself out now.
1 commentsAdol
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