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Image search results - "hammer"
hammer Kirby452 views2 commentsKirby<(*o*)>
Hammer Meta Knight402 viewsOne of my least favorite conversions2 commentsKirby<(*o*)>
Goro class Verdans(designs by Minon)1038 viewsThe Goro class is made up of the Heavy hitters of the Verdan army. Compared to other Verdans, and even Emperor Neo himself, they are gigantic. They're slower than the others, but they are much tougher and far more powerful. Their lack of armor is extremely deceiving, since their skin is harder than most other creatures, and their bulky size isn't from fat, its almost entirely muscle.
Male Goros weild a Mace, which they can swing around and throw with ease, while Female Goros smash foes with powerful blows via Hammer.
2 commentsGBAKirbster2007
Looking Far988 viewsColored in doodle done at school.

Also a little insight into scenery within the Kirbyverse
1 commentsMinon
363 viewsMy old hammer kirby one after I realized that Kirby was a lighter color. 6 commentsShruggin' Rock
++ Revenge of the King Spoilers - This will finally settle our grudge... ++1430 viewsWhoo yeah! Took me a few days but I like the result. After seeing some people "speed paint", I get the strange idea to paint Masked King Dedede. Why the idea popped into my head, is far beyond me now, as I have NEVER drawn Masked King Dedede before and never made a full-portrait Photoshop painting. I probably got a lot of details wrong, and for some reason used his Brawl clothes... but enjoy! (Yes, the hammer perspective is terrible...)5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Power of frieds and foes - Hammer359 viewsThe second in the series. Hopefully I get more views this time...3 commentsville10
The King1686 viewsOur well-known King Dedede of Dreamland. With the Super Smash Bros. Brawl outfit, this is the model that'll be used in KCCh. The shading looks screwy on his robe here, but it should come out fine in-game.14 commentsMinon
Cant touch This!983 viewsNever approuch Meta-Knight with a hammer!7 commentsgigarob_93
Melee Kirby393 viewsInspired by the Elemental Kirby picture. The sword can cut close foes, the hammer can bash from long distance, and the parasol has extra-long reach. The hat has a braided brim (Hammer), with the Link-like hat (Sword). There is no hat for parasol (which I shall soon fix). Also, the weapon can shoot a sword beam like sword, use a fire bash like hammer,and allows the pink puffball to be shielded from aerial attacks (with an added bonus of floating down softly). Sure, the weapon looks piled up, but it's a real challenge to combine them.5 commentskirby123
Hammer Kirby319 viewsKirby is not happy...DeadKirby
KCCh - Bonkers1010 viewsHere's KCCh's model for Bonkers. They're a little bit more than twice the size bigger than Kirby, making them the biggest species that can be made Helper in the Kirbyverse.

This model takes a bit too much polygons for my liking... (1344 triangles, which is just a bit more than Kirby's 1224, and Waddle Dees only take 360)
9 commentsMinon
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