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Image search results - "heart"
Zero489 viewsCRAB BATTLE... No wait...

I love his theme. xD And drew this at the Oekaki. :3

Pretty fun battle.
2 commentsPikmingirl
Heart Rod/ Love-love Stick604 viewsAn item obtained once finished getting all the heart stars in Kirby's Dreamland 3. :D

Being good is... GOOD!
An angel broke my heart388 views"I'm sorry, Nanabobo. I guess my aim was a little off and I cracked it a little... Hope it gets better soon!"Nanabobo
Dark Heart612 viewsThis is Dark Heart from my Kirby Fan Game, called Kirby and the Heart of Darkness. Dark Heart is the final boss, and is the true evil form that creates everything evil. Also, make sure you look at it in full view. It looks much better.8 commentsTheorizer
Dark Heart Mural1109 viewsThis is quite possibly my best picture. This has my fan final boss, Dark Heart in the middel, with all of his evil minions on the sides around him. I glazed the top of the picture with a slightly see-through scribble which gives the scene a scribbly and graffiti like feel. I hope you all enjoy! Please rate and comment! I worked veeeeery hard on this!!!!! =)22 commentsTheorizer
Mirror Promo465 viewsMirror will be given about 4 more moves due to it's weak in numbers moveset. Mirror also is given a blue and green hat, instead of a red and blue hat, to give mirror more mirror like hat colors. Mirror is given a blue sphere sceptor, like KSS, and KSSU, so the sceptor is different from the jewel sceptor of Beam in Kirby and the Dark Heart. Mirror also has triangles on the hat instead of stars, so that is more different too. Mirror Kirby also no longer turns Kirby's skin white, due to the Spray Painting.4 commentsTheorizer
Bomb Promo649 viewsBomb will obviosly be in Kirby and the Dark Heart. I mean, it wouldn't be a Kirby game without bomb. Bomb Kirby will have the Party Hat, instead of the blue Link Hat. As I've said before, I am trying to distinguishe the hats of each Kirby, so I'm giving Bomb the party hat.

And wozas! Another front page! Thanks KRR staff!
12 commentsTheorizer
Clean Promo355 viewsI made the coloring very smooth for this! I hope you like it! Also, I hope that THIS promo won't bring controversy! But seriosly, tell me what you all think of my new style!2 commentsTheorizer
Magic Promo416 viewsYet another promo. This Promo is for the magic ability. This shows Kirby doing the move where if you hold B for 3 seconds, the roulette starts. I really like the effects on this pic. Tell me what yall think!1 commentsTheorizer
Smash Promo678 viewsSmash will be in Kirby and the Dark Heart, and it will include lots of new moves, along with the old ones. First of, Smash is given a steel Headband with the smash logo. As for the moves, Smash will be given a final smash, in which you press A+B (this game would be on the Wii) to have Kirby lose smash, but preform the Cook attack, Spicy Curry breath, Parasol attacks, all of Kirby's grab moves from the series, and a Warp Star smash, in which Kirby flies into the sky, then falls back in an explosion.10 commentsTheorizer
Sword Promo493 viewsOld Favorite. I will be combining the Squeak Squad version of Sword, with the Super Ster version of Sword. Hope you like the pic.5 commentsTheorizer
Happy Valentine's Day!1069 viewsLove is in the air!4 commentsKirazy
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