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Image search results - "kdl3"
that gooey fellow772 viewsgooey!! quit drooling all over the grass!!4 commentsDiddgery
Rickroll1017 viewsRick + Stone is super fun.10 commentsDiddgery
Nago729 viewsNago is my second-favorite helper of KDL3, behind Rick. He's a cat with a great jump! What's not to love!!2 commentsDiddgery
Con637 viewsNo Pon, sorry. I was going to include Pon but I didn't make the canvas large enough for him when I was drawing this on the oekaki.

For this picture I did some experimentation with watercolors - I tried to make a picture using nothing but watercolors. I think it turned out okay, but I could do better.
Kirby's Dreamland 3: Alternative984 viewswhat happened if Kirby never save Dreamland from the dark matter in KDL3?

lol this is not in any form bashing on Kine, or Gooey. :P

4 commentsshadowkirby22107
Dedede-Daimyo of Kirby's Rainbow Resort6113 viewsYoOOHSSsh! <strikes a mie pose> I am back with another Kirby artwork for KRR and all Kirby lovers! I believe it is due time for my righfull introduction, as many of my pics have been viewed the most of any in the entire gallery! I have studied art professionally for many of my 19 years. I am absorbed in all things Asian related, and style my life as such. My art is all hand-drawn and this one in particular combines all Asian elements of many Kirby games! I am here to show you all! My name, Dedede-Daimyo!13 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Popstar's new rings305 viewsI wonder why this design never caught on? I mean, even Shinichi didn't use it in K64, which I'm pretty sure came after DL3. Eh, I'm not complaining. The classic and current two are perfectly fine.1 commentsOnyx.5
The Kirby's Dreamland 3 Gang946 viewsFirst upload of 2010, woo. Kirby, Kine, Coo, Rick, Gooey, Pitch, Nago, and Chuchu! I did this with crayon instead of colored pencil to keep the feel of the game.4 commentsCandidGamera
Nago!!290 viewsA simple drawing of everybody's favorite cat, Nago!2 commentsheyitskirby
we're very happy, thank you961 viewsHB-002 and HB-007 from Kirby's Dream Land 3.7 commentsDiddgery
Chuchu Banner943 viewsA banner for Chuchu, free for anyone to use. Permission and credit not required, just please don't claim that you made it.

I decided to try some sort of coloring style similar to the kind that you see on the characters on the opening of KDL3
9 commentsKirby-RS
Yarn Gooey364 viewsA Picture of Yarn Gooey.2 commentsKirby Rider
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