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Image search results - "ken"
Sword Which Cuts Both Ways524 viewsA shattered mirror and Sword Knight (without a helmet on, of course~ XD)
I decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <3
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
Resident Evil 4 kirbies1441 viewsKirby is awesome, even in RE4.

Kirbies from left to right:
Leon Kirby, Ashley Kirby, Luis Kirby
Mendez (Village Chief) Kirby, Salazar Kirby, Saddler Kirby
Krauser Kirby, Ada Kirby, Wesker Kirby
Hunnigan Kirby, Dr. Salvador Kirby, Merchant Kirby
3 commentsMitaKnight
Tojo Bio737 viewsYou guys probably remember him from Uncle Gobbo's Animal Friends submissions, he was the first one to be submitted.3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Chicken Kirby628 viewsDrawn a long time ago. XDclariecandy
Kirby GIMP Brush Test403 viewsA simple brush test. I made a brush out of desire of being able to make a textured outline in the manner of Ken Sugimori's art. (He's the guy that does the art for the Pokemon series) IMO, I think I succeeded. Just need to shrink down my brush size and the outlines should look identical.

Good thing about Kirby is that he lends himself rather easily to these things, being just a ball with arms and feet.
Kirby's Dreamland 3 Boss- Acro716 viewsLong time no see, KRR! This is everyone's (or at least mine, in any case) favorite aquatic foe from Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64, Acro. I was a little hesitant to upload it here, given the current state of the site, but I don't feel like refraining from sharing it. Mainly just practicing Ken Sugimori's art style, so nothing too amazing here.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Screw you guys, I'm going home1084 viewsOh hey. It's KRR. I remember this place. I thought I left it! I did? Well, then I guess I came back to give a real goodbye. Don't you hate it when artists give a big sentimental goodbye? Me too! So then lets leave it at this. Have a funny pic in celebration of Kirby Wii which depicts Kirby Wii's main characters in South Park garb. Anyways, lets cut this goodbye short. Yes, Kirazy's gone from KRR since he has things to be and places to do, and yes, this final pic is anticlimactic. Goodbye everyone!4 commentsKirazy
Ribbon340 viewsRibbon. I had to hold her so you could see her properly.
Her right wing is broken.
Ninja Formee185 viewsA Ninja. Hi-ya!Kirby Rider
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