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Image search results - "love"
Heart Rod/ Love-love Stick604 viewsAn item obtained once finished getting all the heart stars in Kirby's Dreamland 3. :D

Being good is... GOOD!
An angel broke my heart388 views"I'm sorry, Nanabobo. I guess my aim was a little off and I cracked it a little... Hope it gets better soon!"Nanabobo
Essence of Dreamland 36231 views5th in my "Essence of" series. Kirby's Dreamland 3 for the SNES was classic Kirby at it's best. For this adventure, Kirby teams up with his old animal friends- and 3 new ones: Nagu the cat, Pitch the bird, and Chuchu the octopus- along with his best pal, Gooey, to defete the Darkmatter that has once again come to overtake the planet. This pic includes the posessed bosses from Popstar's five corners, and Kirby Fighting 0 with the LoveLove Stick, compiled from the Heart Stars given to him throughout the game.11 commentsDedede-Daimyo
The Famous Kirby and His Supporting Cast!5356 viewsThankyou Rainbow Resort and all fans of my work for your continuous support and high ratings!! Behold my skills in a medium aside from colored pencil! This extraordinary artwork is real and hand-painted in Watercolor and outlined in Carbon Black India Ink. Featured are Kirby, his animal friends and helpers, and the best known of his adversaries, before Planet Popstar. A handy way to make watercolor look this good is to first color with a felt tip marker, then blend it out with a fine, water-dipped brush.29 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Dark Matter ♥ Drawcia1255 viewsEven beings of pure evil can fall in love8 commentsmetadoo
Yellow (Keeby)!940 viewsThis is Yellow (Or Keeby. Up to you..) She is female. She is only a girl in Kirbies group. She is really care with the other friends. She is like: Beam, angel ability. Her hobby is singing and dancing... She really cute!

She have love story with Green.. She always near with Green...
8 commentsMix in marx
Vs. Zero585 viewsKirby fighting zero with the love-love stick in the negative zone. Made in ms paint.5 commentsDarkmattersamurai
For you...385 viewsOh.. sweet..<3 Based on my friend`s drawing but she draws two cats

Woaaa!!! A huge flowers for you Lalala! Why Lololo and Lalala rarely to be draw? I like those two!

Hope you liked! :)

2 commentsMix in marx
Eye in the Sky1027 viewsFebruary 2010's primer for the newly re-opened Front Page Challenge. I know there's not much time, but certainly someone can come up with better than this before Feb starts.

This month's secret word is ... Heart.
1 commentsBimblesnaff
Kirby and love 1068 viewsI thought the theme was heart because of Valentines Day so why not!?
it is rare I color in my drawings but I really x10 want my picture to be front page
and kirby is a lucky dog
3 commentsJAMESGHOST
Taking Damage, FP entry1047 viewsLol I am late. Oh well.

Kirby Vs Zero with the love love stick.
Yes, I know the colours are wrong.
Oh well, lololololol.

2 commentsJessicaSephiroth
May Flowers657 viewsMy (bad) entry to the FP challenge. I doubt it will win...1 commentsghostmetaknight
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