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Image search results - "moon"
Kirby Under the Stars1594 viewsThis picture was inspired by the beginning scene Kirby 64. Hope you like it! Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.24 commentsPink Power
Little Night Excursion772 viewsKirby doing a little night excursion on the warpstar. I still don't know to what he's looking at... The moon, maybe. Well it's my first Kirby fan-arts, so leave some goods comments, plz! ;)10 commentsBuligete
GIVE IN TO YOUR URGES728 viewsBe like Meta Knight.

<3 <3 <3
To be honest, I haven't seen him eat chocolate yet, but there is the hints of his sweet-tooth. And that's all I need. 8D
There's no irony here that it looks like the choco-chocolate from Hoshi no Kaabii episodes 52 & 53. =)
(drawn originally here on this oekaki before I found this Kirby site:
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Now with color :31072 viewsI really like how sparkily he came out. :316 commentsRWMVG1DC
Tenrils of Space600 viewsFirst oekaki on the KRR oekaki board. n_n;
I abused dodge and burn extensively. ;_; I'm sorry. This is what happens when you're deprived of oekaki and photoshop tools for six months...

(the background was random, I have NO IDEA what I was thinkin XD)
7 commentsRWMVG1DC
Bloon875 viewsAlso known as "Teal", the personification of a malignent forum spammer bot that attacked by numbers, Blue Moon, Bloon for short, is a resident of Ice Cream Island.

He is very stupid but a lovable fool.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
BWAHAHA!596 viewsMaybe they saw a silly thing at PopStar and they are laughing at it. O3o1 commentssilverlunar777
Just A New Family632 viewsHaven't upload here for a long time. This is actually based from one of my online friends, MoonWarrior Autumn's fanfiction. It's from her old series that she used to write, but she still draws Kirby. From left to right: Pedley (her character), Kirby Sapphire (another one of her characters), Meltino Jr. (New son), Meta Knight, and Knuckle Joe.1 commentspurplegallysgph
Born of the Moon People246 viewsKinu gazes at the moon over a city. Kinu DeMir
Kirby vs Meta Knight412 viewsMeta Knight springs his trap!1 commentsDeadKirby
World Domination!1045 viewsWow...I haven't put anything up for a while. Well, here is my most recent submission.
It's just an idea I had one day, and I decided to create it. I did the original sketch in pencil, then Photoshopped the rest. The original file was twice as big as this one. You can download it and use it as a desktop background if you'd like! Please comment and rate. Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.
8 commentsPink Power
Tuxedo Knight288 viewsIT HAD TO BE DONE!

....Well, maybe not. But Senior Noodle Arms and Tuxedo Mask do have some things in common, like appearing out of nowhere to give advice and wearing a mysterious mask. Drawn in GIMP, and used a gradient.
2 commentssuperyoshi888
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