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Beast's fang.1526 viewsMy second favourite comic. The beast was something I drew on paper and scanned in.7 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Snoozing off, like always!590 viewsDone on Rainbow Resort's Oekaki.4 commentsBuligete
The Great Cave Offensive496 viewsI guess Kirby doesn't watch where he steps sometimes. Reminds me of me! Done in MS Paint.1 commentsHyper Waddle Dee
Kirby poses1866 viewsBased on some artwork from the KSSU instruction booklet. Doodled this up one day and decided to color it.

They don't look exactly like the official, blah blah blah.
6 commentstorkirby
To Top Off '08496 viewsThis has every game in KSSU, but the Arenas. As you can see (maybe not) Marx is heading to his space ship. The king is blown out of the Castle on Mt. DeDeDe and him and his army of Waddle Dee are following him. Dyna Blades flying off and won't return in a hundred years! Marx dreaming. Kirby waving while flying away from NOVA. All the planets in Milky Way Wishes. Marx's ball. All the bosses in Milky Way Wishes. Whispy Woods... uh... looking! The Halberd sinking. Meta Knight Flying away. The Galactic Knight.5 commentsBurningkirby99
Great Red Dragon379 viewsYay, finally I have something of decent quality in my gallery. Anyway, for you people not in the know, Great Dragon (or Red Dragon as he is called in the original KSS) is the third phase of the harder version of the Computer Virus Boss fight, and probably the second hardest of the five (Evil Knight is harder to me). (This was done in hand, then edited with MSPaint.)
2 commentsShruggin' Rock
Clown vs Clown1137 viewsAs I was thinking up fan projects, I realized they grew too epic, always involving saving the world. So, I pulled a 180.
Marx, years after MWW and being the pariah on Pop Star, decided to do the Dedede and get back into good graces. How? The annual Pop Star Bake Off! You know those gluttons gotta have something like that, and he was shoe in to win with Mama Marx' Cinnamon Buns. But, the reigning dish of Poppy's Seed Roll (pun!) wouldn't go down easy. Also, the food was the final weapon. Thrown and exploded.
7 commentsBimblesnaff
Kirby entering door1674 viewsRemember these?

Well I had one more I never colored.

I really liked the artwork of Kirby entering a door in the KSSU instruction manual, so I had to draw this along with the other Kirby poses. I'm really happy on how this came out.

And by popular demand, I'll do Marx's official art too, eventually.
1 commentstorkirby
KSSU Logos769 viewsThese are logos for all the games in Super Star Ultra (minus the mini games).
I made them to decorate a high score thread in a forum but I thought maybe someone around here would like to use them too.
3 commentsKingsonnn_Dededoo
It's a Star1859 viewsKirby's offering a star to Dedede, but it doesn't look like he's thrilled about it.

Gosh I love how this came out! Especially Kirby. I think the colored outlines add a soft touch to it. And that's what I was going for, a cute soft picture of Kirby and Dedede. =)

Looks like this a picture that actually doesn't use black.
7 commentstorkirby
The Evil Trio207 viewsRemember Stellar Knight?

This is the Evil Trio. Augmoff Dollum Trek is the name I use for any original character that represents me ('cept Invader Zim). Trek is a former member of the Checker Knights, a band of Knights who are a few steps lower on the ladder than the Star Warriors. He got tired of taking orders and left them. Solar Knight is just a random Knight. [further description omitted due to length]
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