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Image search results - "orange"
Orange Ocean1190 viewsThis picture is silly!

Why is the ocean orange, anyways? Is it an ocean of orange soda? That'd be AWESOME.
13 commentsDiddgery
Way of the Warrior1033 viewsDrawn at the Ashika no Hobii Japanese oekaki again. Haven't practiced oekaki in a while. Dun like how this one came out much, it's probably just because of how poorly the coloring turned out (and the fact that one of his eyebrows is slightly bigger than the other >_>), but in any case it's okay.

Happy Easter, by the way!
5 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Fire Kirby Doodle497 viewsLoved how this came out. c:2 commentsKirby-RS
Orange Ocean490 viewsA MS Paint-drawn picture of the Orange Ocean intro. Made for the Brawl in the Family Forums Art Competition.Galactic Knight 09
Battle on the Halberd336 viewsFighter, yet another request from kirbygal. Just to make what's going on in the pic clear, it's the Meta Knight battle from Squeak Squad, in which I usually use Fighter in. At niiiiight. Anyways, Fighter's costume is nowhere near the power of it. Kirby can now easily punch, kick, and use a chargeable blast of energy. Yup, that's pretty much it~ This awesome ability appeared in those Kirby games I don't feel like talking about right now so I'll do this later.Aero
Teh Burning Orange292 views Another great artist on this site and he/she is great! 2 commentsDarkmattersamurai
Adventure471 viewsFinished the game on the Virtual Console two days ago, and thought I'd make some fanart for it. The game itself proved to be easy, except for the Nightmare Orb fight, which took me about 11 tries. One time, I only had one hit left on him, and then ran out of time. Geez. Full view, please. Enjoy~! 3 commentsAero
Flying Over Orange Ocean298 viewsI've always wanted to draw Dynablade. I've always wondered: Is she wearing a vest of some sort?2 commentsAero
Orange Ocean550 viewsA remake of my old MS Paint Orange Ocean picture.

I always liked that one, so for a meme, I remade the whole thing.

And I LOVE how it came out.
1 commentsGalactic Knight 09
September 2011 FP Challenge766 viewsHaha, I know, it's August 9th right now. But I remembered the FP contest and I just couldn't wait to submit an entry for September xD So... hold on to this until then.

My deviantart:
Orange Ocean Models415 viewsModels which appear in the Orange Ocean section of my Kirby's Adventure stand.pogman
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