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Image search results - "out"
Don't look at my nakedness!1525 viewsPLEASE don't comment about how he's not REALLY naked. D: I know, he's just armorless.

I was just bored. :-P I'd think Meta Knight would have some issues with being completely exposed.
20 commentsRWMVG1DC
kirby on the computer922 viewsSafety, safety,safety, and safety.5 commentsNCStudios
I am not your Friend, buddy!1248 viewsWhat exactly does Dreamland want?

We want, more money...
16 commentssilverlunar777
Meta Knight Unmasked492 viewsKirby: Hmm... do I know you from somewhere? Nah!2 commentsHyper Waddle Dee
How Dedede looks like without his hat1751 viewsMy second comic.
I hope you like it
4 commentsQtie4U
Schools of Poppy1095 viewsI never uploaded this one? I think the day I was going to, someone had just submitted a picture of the original Poppy Bros. concept art which threw me off.
Poppy, in deed, looked ridiculous back in the day. It took all the way until Super Star for his artwork to match his graphics.
In my opinion, that egg headed, fat bottomed Poppy should serve as Poppy Poppy, the father of the Poppy Bros.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
Essence of Block Ball3913 views14th in my "Essence of" series. Though the picture looks like the Classic Kirby we all know and love, Kirby's Block Ball for the GameBoy is anything but the average romp through Dreamland. Instead, this time our hero takes the form of a ball in a tedious game of "Breakout". In said game, one must control the bouncing ball to rid the room occupied by assorted bricks, but only by moving a small panel along the bottom of the screen. The story of KBB, is that King Dedede has built (another?!) castle on top of the Dream-Spring, and the only way Kirby can free it is by breaking all of the bricks that hold the chaos together... or something like that. Like most of the spin-off games, the plot doesn't matter as much as the gameplay. This game was notable for promoting previous common enemies to the position of level boss, all of whom you see here. And, show of hands, who here has ever actually drawn, let alone seen, the infamous pre-ultimate boss, Buu-Robo (top, center)? I thought so :P9 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Blipper, Not Blipper1001 viewsBack in the day, and even now, I don't see Blipper the fish with a diving mask. Never did and still really don't unless it's turned frontwise. What do I see? A pirate fish!
The top part is a bandanna, the caudal fins are the tied tails, the elastic band is an eye patch, and the mask is ... a fish snout? I dunno. It's how I sees it. And always shall.
Intended for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
7 commentsBimblesnaff
The Miser Kirbys1121 viewsIt's always been a thought in my mind, that it would be neat if there was a guy who ruled the winter realm and a guy that ruled the summer realm. I envisioned them as Kirbys, with the appropriate copy abilities, intially. Then I remembered that had been done long, long ago... like, in the 70's. Hence the title.9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Big Mouth179 viewsYep, that's his english name, big mouth. As you can see, he can split his head in to to reveal a, well, big mouth. He can devour foes with this gaping gob of his, and that is his main way of attack.ghostmetaknight
Villains Poster405 viewsAt the top are Terostocus and General Regulus, partners in crime and galactic domination... which is a crime. Down and to the right of them are three Dark Matter "Scouts" and Dark Supernova. Center: Aterkirbus. To his left are Galacta Knight and Dark Meta Knight. At the bottom, from left to right: some random psychic Waddle Dee, Skarl, General Uvnar, Igor Kirborgsky and Cluto.

F.Y.I.: Terostocus, Gen. Regulus and Cluto are Shadonesians, which are a fan species of mine. Yes, I know they look like Verdans.
1 commentsAterkirbus
Glass Dee381 viewsA combination of Waddle Dee and Glass Joe. Inspired by the piture kirby's punch-out.3 commentsDarkmattersamurai
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