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Image search results - "rod"
The four kirbies and the Star Rod790 viewsOk, I saw that allbody know how to do cool draws except tried to do something...and this is the result. I know that this isn't as cool as the others draws of the gallery...but something is something.
This is my first upload. Its name is The four kirbies and the Star Rod because they are The four kirbies and the Star Rod (obviously).
Just in case, the background is an modification of the glases of Nightmare in the anime...kind of weird...
7 commentsSir Kirby
Kirby vrs Nightmare orb1049 viewsAt last I have a painting program that is not Ms paint. I decide to start with this: a picture of kirby fighting with Nightmare type 1 ( kirby adventures/ Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland) It isn't pretty amazing yet...I have to practice...
9 commentsSir Kirby
[The Final Battle] -- Oekaki682 viewsA little something I did over at the Oekaki. Kirby has finally reached a Star Warrior rank, and Meta Knight wishes to test him one last time in a full-power, no holding back battle. :D

Enjoy my friends.
4 commentsSkyTheArtist
Zero477 viewsCRAB BATTLE... No wait...

I love his theme. xD And drew this at the Oekaki. :3

Pretty fun battle.
2 commentsPikmingirl
Wind Waker Adeleine2027 viewsWhoo, first upload! This is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker styled Adeleine. Enjoy!

[Note: I am not actually AnimeKittyCafe, but that is my friend, who lets me use her account instead. I usually go by Lei.]
10 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Heart Rod/ Love-love Stick594 viewsAn item obtained once finished getting all the heart stars in Kirby's Dreamland 3. :D

Being good is... GOOD!
Parody: Who has lost his tail?1963 viewsThe forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos! This is a parody of MOTHER for the NES. Here, we have Kirby as Ninten, Birdon as Loid, and Ribbon as Ana. Bonkers would have been the perfect Teddy, but I can't draw him to save my life and didn't want to ruin the picture, so I left him out. ^_^ I also wanted to do a parody of the games' final boss, Giegue, but I couldn't find any Kirby characters similar enough, sorry. By the way: It isn't Christmas-related 'cause I actually started it some ago.15 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
star rod836 views11 commentsNAO
Dark Star Kirby422 viewsI'm not sure if this counts as being a "redesigned" ability because of the differences between this and the star rod(which is a final weapon, so some might not think of it as an ability), but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I tried to make the gold band around Kirby's head look tarnished. Did I succeed?

That weapon he wields in his left hand(similar to beam and mirror) is the Dark Star Rod.(not the most original thing, I know.) I based the design of Paper Mario's Star Rod rather than Kirby's.
1 commentssuperyoshi888
Broken Arm Art --- Kirby Poses720 viewsAs some of you may know, I have a broken arm. But that won't stop me from drawing! (and yes, I'm righty, and I broke my right arm. Obviosly, this picture of random Kirbys is very badly drawn, but I'll be back with good art soon! Not really... more like 6 more weeks... grumble. But yeah, this picture was a real struggle to do, and it turned out terribly. Why did I even bother? Why did I even bother posting it? Anyways, look for more terrible "Broken Arm Art".1 commentsTheorizer
Kirby Holding the Star Rod1017 viewsI used Photoshop to make it yellow and look like a chalk/charcoal drawing. The scanner did not catch some of the light shading or lens flare I drew.
4 commentsAdol
Kirby Star Rod1506 viewsYay! My first pic! This is just a random picture of Kirby and Dark Matter. I don't know! Don't ask! All of you most likely don't know me. I've recently just played Kirby and the Crystal Shards ( the only game I've ever played) and I loved it! I've now been reading up on all the past games. Anyways, hope you like the pic!10 commentsKirazy
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