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Image search results - "roll"
gift for HnK team2783 viewsyeaaaah, since they did a good job and all34 commentsFushidane
Brawl Hijinks Doodle721 viewsJust a little piece inspired by playing Brawl. Kirby always seems to beat Meta Knight without even trying.7 commentswaddleDoReMi
Rolly the Rolling Turtle4274 viewsThis is how Rolling Turtle from Kirby's Adventure would function as one of Kirby's Animal Friends. To see his whole bio, check the "If You Could..." Fan-Submitted Animal Friends portion of the site. Drawn in pencil, colored in colored pencil, inked in ink-pen and permanent marker.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Fan of Smash Bros.554 viewsYou never see King Dedede interacting with his friends much. I want to see how he reacts to the antics of them- and them to his. Here we see what happens when you and two others from your planet grant rights to a video game company to use your image.

Thanks again to Ian for putting my doodles into sequence. It helps a lot.
Create681 viewsWell, this was just a quick pic a drew. It shows Paint Kirby adding color to Paint Roller, and Paint Roller adding outline to Kirby. In a way, they're creating each other.

I took Daimyo's advice on less pressure when coloring. I think it worked on Kirby. Paint Roller, not so much.
4 commentsPlasma Friend
Kirby Roll964 viewsNot quite as much fun to watch as a Rick Roll, but I hope you enjoy watching a Kirby Roll! This is a little flash I made for no real reason, and I like it anyways.16 commentsTheorizer
Clown vs Clown1137 viewsAs I was thinking up fan projects, I realized they grew too epic, always involving saving the world. So, I pulled a 180.
Marx, years after MWW and being the pariah on Pop Star, decided to do the Dedede and get back into good graces. How? The annual Pop Star Bake Off! You know those gluttons gotta have something like that, and he was shoe in to win with Mama Marx' Cinnamon Buns. But, the reigning dish of Poppy's Seed Roll (pun!) wouldn't go down easy. Also, the food was the final weapon. Thrown and exploded.
7 commentsBimblesnaff
Drill Knight388 viewsIF Knight Recruitment entry by CapsuleJ3.
Drills have to do with fire, why not? This guy sure is a canvas hog...
Kopy Abilities --- Paint1947 viewsPaint! An ability shrouded with mystery, and you never really get a good look-see at it. Paint has always filled me with intrigue of seeing it as a true ability, so I've always been a fan of Paint.
And this picture's packed with 21 different poses! This one took SOOO long to do, but boy, did I have fun! Guest appearances from Ado, Adeleine, Heavy Lobster, andPaint Roller, along with the semi-usual Waddle Dee and Bronto Burt. This pic is dedicated to Dedede Daimyo's hard work on his Hina-Matsuri! I like the colors in this pic alot! And don't forget to look for the secret "Blank Spot"!

And thanks SOO much for the Double Artist Showcase spot! I really apreciate it!
12 commentsKirazy
Berroll831 viewsI should have uploaded this back when this IF Contest was going on. But I forgot!

Berroll's name comes from "barrel roll," but there's no barrels around at all. It's also partially derived from "bear," but again Berroll doesn't have much in common with bears aside from those nubby claws.

I made a pretty dumb mistake with Berroll- rather than inhaling stars and crap, you should have just been able to inhale his ball at key moments! Sort of like with Mr. Frosty's ice cubes and Captain Stitch's spikes.
8 commentsDiddgery
Berroll Returns939 viewsMore of this guy. I'm not sure if he really should stay a Ball-themed mini-boss, because as I have him now his ball can't be inhaled. But if it could, it could be used as a projectile, which would be better than just stars. However, that would mean you could also swallow the ball, but it wouldn't give you an ability unless Berroll himself was defeated... Hm.

Maybe he'd be better as an Animal-themed mini-boss.
6 commentsDiddgery
Paint Roller253 viewsYes, paint roller. An OK drawing, i could do better. One things for sure is that I should stop hiding and post something. This was made using GIMP, along with everything else I makePaint Roller97
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