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Image search results - "sky"
Kirby & Ribbon985 viewsIt's Kirby and Ribbon from Kirby 64. ^_^ First time drawing a background on the computer. It looks clearer if you click to enlarge it.11 commentstundrarain
Down the Rainbow and Through the Clouds1109 viewsI had to reduce the quality of this picture to be able to upload it. It's Parasol Kirby! My favourite copy ability... I think. Ugh, umbrellas are a pain to draw... x_x14 commentstundrarain
Shuba and Kirby487 viewsShuba: *from the sky, lands on Kirby* Wow! Where am I?
Kirby: pooyooo....
Shuba: Hum... This talking "thing" sure IS comfortable...And squishy! ^^
Kirby: poyo?!! :-(
It feels like me on a good day862 views*sigh* It's been too long since I've been on oekaki last. =\

Title is based on song I was listening to.
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
Black Cloud688 viewsThe famous scene from Dreamland 3 in which Dark Matter covers the skies with his evil entity.10 commentsTheorizer
Kirby Star Rod1509 viewsYay! My first pic! This is just a random picture of Kirby and Dark Matter. I don't know! Don't ask! All of you most likely don't know me. I've recently just played Kirby and the Crystal Shards ( the only game I've ever played) and I loved it! I've now been reading up on all the past games. Anyways, hope you like the pic!10 commentsKirazy
Happy Valentine's Day!1053 viewsLove is in the air!4 commentsKirazy
Looming Over the Sky...1329 viewsZero has risen again in my own Kirby Fan Game! Now he is 03, and he shall wreak havoc once again! He plans to destroy popstar (to get back at Kirby) by corrupting the eight leaders of the planet, causing utter chaos. 03 in this game can transform into 03 Paramatter, in which he occasionally does during cutscenes. Kirby must stop 03 by curing the eight leaders of popstar, and having each of them grant Kirby with a Star shard. When Kirby gets all eight, he can travel to Popstar's skies and fight 03. (03 stays watching over Popstar in the sky for the entire game.)

By the way everyone, keep in mind, this aint a real game, just my ideas of the most awesome Kirby game ever! So far, you've seen the storyline. There's more to come!
12 commentsKirazy
Kirby Is Going Up1212 viewsYeah, not my best work, but I was doing this on a whim while the idea was still in my head. Loosely based on the new movie Up, which I actually saw over a week ago but suddenly felt inspired to draw something revolving around its concept of balloons. And therefore this picture spawned!

I've always loved Pixar, but I felt this movie really brought out the fan in me. :)
10 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Fall Through the Sky1398 viewsSimple picture of Kirby. C:

More of this style of shading C: I experimented with the eyes a little bit this time, and I think they came out nicely.

The background makes it look like Kirby's falling from the sky, so I gave it that title. Well, at least he's enjoying it. :D
2 commentstorkirby
Kirby and Dragoon?2111 viewsI tried to make a dragon form of Dragoon.14 commentsAdol
Way above the sea1073 viewsA color test I did, also a bit in the vein of Mary Blair; she had such a nice way of balancing pleasant colors that are easy on the eyes, and I was never very good at doing that... so this was a test to see if I could use those bright, happy colors I'm known for but subdue them in the same way she did.

Long rants are long!
9 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
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