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Image search results - "sparky"
Capsule-J, Wheelie, and Spary563 viewsJust some sketches of Kirby enemies done without any reference while I was at school.4 commentsDiddgery
Simple Picture1542 viewsDone in Photsoshop with a different style. The birds on the bottom are Pitch and Piyo.1 commentsAdol
Red Reign Battle1085 viewsA mighty clash with the uncaptured "champions" of Pop Star against the nefarious Regis Red and his extra-dimensional lackeys. Many familiar faces, many not. The diamond 'dorned dominant center is the crux of Dream Lands woes. Squeaky Bogg and Ometon aren't fighting him alone, however. Trident Knight, Waddle Dee & Doo, Mumbies, Marx, Rick, Kine, Coo, and even Samus join the fray along with others. Too many to name.
Color pencil, ink, some PhotoShop.
3 commentsBimblesnaff
For DeDeDe Daimyo344 viewsI made these sculptures of kirby for dedede daimyo, who also makes kirby sculptures and is one of the best artists on the site!!! The sparky is good, gooey is ok and kirby is horrible, but none of them, or anything I could ever make, is as good as DeDeDe Daimyo's!1 commentsghostmetaknight
Super Mario vs. Kirby1031 viewsMany famous characters from both the Mario and Kirby series. I don't too many ideas right now, so I hope this will do. And thank you KRR for putting this on the Fan Creation Showcase! :) It was an honor.3 commentsExplosive Kirby
Sparky212 viewsUnfortunately somewhat blurry. Although, finally a sparky model!pogman
Bad Guys1158 viewsBad guys, bad guys, ev'rybody loves bad guys.5 commentsBimblesnaff
Yoghurt Yard Models414 viewsModels which appear in the Yoghurt Yard section of my Kirby's Adventure stand.pogman
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