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Image search results - "squad"
Daroach Bomb1369 viewsI hand made it.Click it to see it move.10 commentsLeah
Leader of the Squeaks766 viewsThat mouse has the coolest hat ever.

This was Done using Open Canvas.
8 commentsGordon
Squeak Squad794 viewsA pic of the Squeak Squad. I ment to submit this earlier, but I've had some problems. Anyway, I notice a few drawing and coloring mistakes. A few coloring mistakes on Spinni, Storro's not fat enough, and that wand sucks. Other than that, I like it.13 commentsBlinkie
Dorocche Oekaki1114 viewsSimply put, a pic of Dorocche done at some Oekaki board(not KRR).

And yeah, I like saying Dorocche much better than Daroach.
3 commentsMinon
Figher Kirby375 viewsI based this off how Fighter Kirby looks in Kirby Squeak Squad. The part which is above Kirby's headband is there, but it is lightly sketched. If you can tell, I drew Metaknight on the other side of the paper that I drew this on.1 commentsMiracleMatter
Spin and Dorocche1100 viewsI vaguely had The Wind Waker's credits in mind while drawing. XD Anyway, this took over an hour, much longer than I had anticipated. Drawn at Ashika no Hobii's oekaki.2 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Dorocche-dan/Daroach Paperart512 viewsSqueakity Squeak! It's Daroach/Dorocche! Look out for his ability to somehow shoot ice from his haaaaaand.

Sorry for the Squeaks looking... strange. D: I was rushing on the little guys.
1 commentsPikmingirl
Dark Nebula/Dark Zero822 viewsFor an easy boss, you gotta admit, he is cute in a way. 8D

That, or I need glasses.

I was also experimenting on the aura-looking thing. And some shiny eyes.~ :3
2 commentsPikmingirl
Essence of Squeak Squad5709 views10th in my "Essence of" series. Kirby sets off to reclaim his stolen shortcake, but winds up in a battle for treasure with a gang of marauders known as the Squeak Squad, in this unique DS game. Depicted here are the game's myriad bosses, Darocche, Ston, Spin, Doc, and the Squeakers, and Kirby beating the heck out of Dark Zero with the Tri-star wand. And, thus concludes the first chapter of my Essence of series: Kirby's "Main Series" games. Look for the next chapter: Kirby's "Spin-Off" games at a later date!19 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Final Abilities2042 viewsI feauture each Final Ability, (excluding Crystal Shard/Ribbon) with a hat! I hope you like it!

Argh... this took wayyy too long to do... But I think the end result was totally worth it!

My apologies to aru, I see you have also made a similar picture. I hope you forgive me!
13 commentsKirazy
Squeaker Kirby? Tegaki358 viewsOh Spin. XD Kirby just wants to be friends with the Squad.1 commentsDorocche
cake breakdown349 viewsWho took the cake?
And why does an entire game have to be dedicated to it?
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