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Image search results - "super"
Marx the Evil Genius982 viewsGneh...WHY THE HECK IS THERE NO FANART OF MARX HERE? D: Anyhow, I'm new. ANd I'm a female, although I use a male character's name for my username. Drawn in MS Paint.10 commentsMarx
Pen Sketch - SSBB Chibis XD1653 viewsXD This is not chibis... it was "Dreamland style", it means with different foots... Anyways, I love how Pit came out. XD
Done without refs. o_o It was crappy
23 commentsAiky
"Kirby, This is it!"1145 viewsOkay I decided to draw this because in my opinion the Revenge of Meta Knight in the Fun Pak (Or in Super Star) is one of the greatest parts in any Kirby game this far. And originally I intended to draw Kirby fully in the picture but somehow I messed him up so...

And what do you think? Is the battle over or just beginning?
8 commentsKirbysfantotheend
all thee kirbys1606 viewsi drew a picture of all the kirbys from superstar putting aside sleep kirby cause thats more of a power down lol sorry for lack of vivid colors my pencils dont like doing that at all it looks better if you enlarge
well enjoy and PLEASE comment AND vote
24 commentsskyscraper
Helpers are idiots.1664 viewsNot necessarily funny, but it had to be done. Helpers purposely kill themselves. They walk into bad guys without attacking. I also can't draw biospark, but I put special effort into Knuckle Joe.5 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Beast's fang.1572 viewsMy second favourite comic. The beast was something I drew on paper and scanned in.7 commentsGeneric Keroro fan
Realistic Dynablade1285 viewsThis was an attempt at a pose with perspective. Even after classes and wild animal studies, this stupid bird doesn't get much easier to draw. :(15 commentsDynablade
Meta Marx?1899 viewsThough it would never happen in the games, a Marx Vs. Meta Knight battle would be epic.27 commentsDynablade
Biospark607 viewsmy favorite enemy in SuperStar
too bad there were no pirates :(
2 commentsPhredryk
Birdon-Midflight266 views(Please Read Desciption On Other Birdon Picture.Sorry.Couldn't Fit It All V_V)
....To Continue.Yeah.Birdon Hooked Me.Haha.I Still Remember Pointing To Meta Knight And Asking All About Him.I Swear,Watching The anime Again On the site....Its a giant Flashback.That,And the fact That My Friend Gave me his SNES and KSS when he moved to Texas--Yeah,The Very Same Cartridge And System From So Long Ago T_T It Was Beautiful...Like A Bad Soap Opera T_T
Heh.Love At First Sight For The Two Of Them I Guess.*Huggles MK*
Birdon333 viewsOk.The Year Is '98.I'm Watching My Friend Play Kirby Super Star.I was Also Five Years Old(Yay Me.).I Only Really Cared To Watch To Ask About Charactors,Places And Historys That Went Along With Them All.He Was Playing 'The great Cave Offensive' and till Then-I hadn't Seen A Birdon.By Fate,My Friend Creates A Birdon.I Asked In Awe ''Who Is THAT?!''.My Friend Said ''ThatsBirdon.He's My Helper''.I asked If I Could Play (Never played untill Then).And I Did-As Birdon.I played more and More and the rest is History3 commentsGasphin
SSBB Doodles - Yellow1266 viewsI was bored the other day...11 commentssilverlunar777
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