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Image search results - "tiff"
Kirby,Tiff,and Tuff1627 viewsA drawing of Kirby,Tiff,and Tuff.The black stuff under them is their shadow.11 commentsLeah
Pen Sketch - Anime Characters XD1066 viewsI didn't it very well 'cause I drew it without refs, anyways, there's Waddle Doo, Tuff (Bun), Waddle Dee, Fumu (Tiff) Shirica (Sirica), Cook Kawasaki and Knuckle Joe here, I hope you like it. ^^
I didn't submit this to my DA account ._. Sorry.
10 commentsAiky
Artweaver assorted drawings1011 viewsI decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <37 commentsRWMVG1DC
Hoshi no Kaabii Character Sheet1217 viewsI decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <312 commentsRWMVG1DC
Unexpected Arrival1268 viewsAn oekaki done on Panda's board because KRR's board is all funny with the 'thinking I don't exist' joke.


Anyway, drawn for you guys here at KRR, hope ya like it. <3 I know I don't, personally. XD Maybe we can say there are lots of different devil animals, and a different one caught Kirby all over again. >:3
I'm so awful~
Full description here:
12 commentsRWMVG1DC
A talk with Sir Meta Knight456 viewsMS Paint with Mouse

This was a little thing I decided to do to kick off my little Album here. :D I hope you all enjoy it. I should do some shading on it...
2 commentsSkyTheArtist
Colored Version - Fumu and Meta Knight816 viewsWell, they were both colored, but I decided to work this one in Photoshop. :D

Grass is cheap lookin' I know, but I did try to make my own grass before I went that road. ^^; So bear with me. I also tried to make it look like a screenshot...Maybe some sort of "End of the World" thing or something. o: Don't ask what happens next, cause I surely don't know. Lol.

7 commentsSkyTheArtist
Kirby of the Stars2186 viewsThanks for the comments, everyone! Well, I made this pic long time ago, using crayons and hydropens (yep, not copic markers)...I love the anime of Kirby..I don't have a Kirby's game, but that's ok...
Hope you like it! Visit too my page on Deviantart.
14 commentsgerugeon
Meta Knight's birthday page 12678 viewsvery old pic again...How many years MK has? Well, according to the timeline of the Kirby anime in Kirby Raibow Resort, Sir Meta Knight seems to be very, very old...I mean, he fought against Nightmare, and this was much time ago...
So, this crazy idea simply appear in my head. Enjoy it! Later I will post the other pages...
11 commentsgerugeon
Bubble Time1464 viewsOld art again...I painted this with hydropens, but the pink of Kirby turned horrible...I didn't have the right pink...sigh...
I put this in my notebook. Hope you like it. And many thanks for the comments and pageviews!
A happy New Year to all!
7 commentsgerugeon
Once upone a time...1417 viewsWell, I made this really long time ago...To put in my fichary...I didn't like much the result...
Tiff loves to tell tales to the other children!
A great and happy family1584 viewsMade with colorpencils...I love Kirby, it's cute and adorable! This family is quite odd, I know, but I love them!
Hope you like. And thanks for the comments!
4 commentsgerugeon
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