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Marx the Evil Genius973 viewsGneh...WHY THE HECK IS THERE NO FANART OF MARX HERE? D: Anyhow, I'm new. ANd I'm a female, although I use a male character's name for my username. Drawn in MS Paint.10 commentsMarx
Sword Which Cuts Both Ways523 viewsA shattered mirror and Sword Knight (without a helmet on, of course~ XD)
I decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <3
3 commentsRWMVG1DC
MARX721 viewsidk if the colours worked or not buuuuut i hope you like :D9 commentsspacecat
Take me Away394 viewsDrawn a while ago.

The song name is wrong. It's "Take me Away" by 4 Strings.

1 commentsAndoSan
Marx1964 viewsOkay this is my second attempt to put this on KRR.. First time was back in June, when I drew it..

Basically I'm mad that they can remember to put in loads and loads of minor and insignificant Trophies for stupid things in Brawl but they can't put a Trophy in for even 1 Kirby villain? *sigh*

Sure Marx got a wicked Remix, but those who haven't play Super Star don't know who he is.. Would've helped if he had a Trophy..
8 commentsEyeofCalamity
++Milky Way Wishes + KSSU Tribute++2905 viewsCrowdy as it may seem but I love it <3

MWW was and still is my fav game from KSS/KSSU so I made this little tribute for it . I finally had a good chance to draw Nova as I really love his/her design <3

34 commentsSoraMito
Great Red Dragon402 viewsYay, finally I have something of decent quality in my gallery. Anyway, for you people not in the know, Great Dragon (or Red Dragon as he is called in the original KSS) is the third phase of the harder version of the Computer Virus Boss fight, and probably the second hardest of the five (Evil Knight is harder to me). (This was done in hand, then edited with MSPaint.)
2 commentsShruggin' Rock
Where Meta Knight Always Wins721 viewsrock paper scissors :0

third place prize for kells399 for the october contest
1 commentsRWMVG1DC
World Domination!1161 viewsWow...I haven't put anything up for a while. Well, here is my most recent submission.
It's just an idea I had one day, and I decided to create it. I did the original sketch in pencil, then Photoshopped the rest. The original file was twice as big as this one. You can download it and use it as a desktop background if you'd like! Please comment and rate. Please do not claim as your own or use it without permission.
8 commentsPink Power
Shooting Star Symphony1240 viewsI'm sorry for not submitting much art at ALL lately. I hope this crappy chalk-styled picture brings the spirit of the stars to everyone's mind. Rainbow gradients are fun! And yet, this bad picture took me three hours to make. I'm ashamed. What inspired me was watching Yuuki of Daregame's Nico Nico Douga manga adaption of Milky Way Wishes. It was funny and inspiring! ^_^ Oh, and those weird red and orange colors coming from Waddle Doo's eye were supposed to be sparks, but I executed it poorly. -_-; Oh, and Kirby's colors look bad because I was doing the outlines with a limited amount of colors.

Anyway, I'm off to go celebrate my brother's 7th birthday!
6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe
Halberd Aweigh1382 viewsAlright, I was in the mood to draw something Kirby for once.

wait no, that's not quite right...
10 commentsMinon
Milky Way Wishes790 viewsBesides the T.A.C. sponge picture, which didn't exactly qualify, I've practically never done a real scene in pure sponge (well, Kirby's eyes were done in charcoal and conte, but that's just about it). This is the prolouge of Milky Way Wishes where Marx tricks Kirby into, well, going on an adventure.
There's a chance (not a very likely chance, but still a chance) that a fan character may be coming up next. I mean, if that's not against any rules.
6 commentsCrayon Kirby
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