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Image search results - "whispy"
gift for HnK team2851 viewsyeaaaah, since they did a good job and all34 commentsFushidane
Whispy from Kirby's Dreamland Three858 viewsSprites6 commentsNCStudios
Hoshi no Kaabii Character Sheet1211 viewsI decided to go ahead and upload all of my other recent drawings. Thank you KRR team for putting me on the front page! ;A; <312 commentsRWMVG1DC
The Lighted Path901 viewsUgh... spent so much time on this. T-T But I'm really happy with it.
Drawn on the KRR oekaki board, also uploaded on my deviantArt.

BTW-- his cape is actually a cloak. That's why it doesn't have the mantle piece and has that folded effect around the collar. I made it on PURPOSE.
...Meh, he's not in Whispy Woods or anything, I just felt like making something... adventurous.
8 commentsRWMVG1DC
The Mighty Whispy238 viewsMan, Whispy Woods is a freakin' tree who protects things! How awesome is that?! Why don't we show him more respect than we do?Nanabobo
Essence of Ultra9237 views7th in my "Essence of" series. Well, this dosen't exactly fit in the order I have been drawing these in, but Kirby Super Star Ultra is just so amazing that I couldn't possibly wait to do this one! KSSU is not just a simple remake of the greatest game of all time- it is a fully rekirbished, remixed, and reanimated thrill ride of Kirby goodness. This glorious pic is of some of the toughest bosses in all Kirby history; seen in new modes- Revenge of the King, Meta Knightmare Ultra, and The True Arena!
Edit: Can you believe this has gotten OVER 3000 Views!?! ^_^ EPIC WIN! Thankyou Everyone, from the bottom of my heart!!!
51 commentsDedede-Daimyo
Random Kirby's-- Whispy Kirby562 viewsFirst in my Random Kirby's series, Whispy Kirby.4 commentsKirbyzilla
Christmas in Popstar!1099 viewsHey look, it's Christmas!

in Pop Star!
7 commentsMitaKnight
Kopy Abilities --- Cutter1589 viewsMeh. I've never been a big fan of cutter, but it's been around for a while, so I made a "kopy ability" for Cutter anyways.

And check it out! A cameo appearance from Whispy Woods! Kirby... back off from whispy with that.
10 commentsKirazy
Whispy Woods1397 views5 commentsAdol
Whispy's happy452 viewsWhispy never seemed so happy to see Kirby, so I drew him happy!5 commentsMeta
Wrong Star2018 viewsDumb idea. But I have to admit this is really funny. Well, enjoy it. And thank you for the comments and favs!
Patrick is so dumb. Tiff probably won't like the exchange. Neither Kirby.
Will SpongeBob notice that this best friend is now...yellow?
7 commentsgerugeon
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