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Most viewed - Basic Images
Appetizing...910 viewsKirby's appetite claims another victim.

Gee, been a while since I've uploaded something, hasn't it? And all I got is this doodle.
7 commentssuperyoshi888
Fountain of Dreams871 viewsI <3 the Fountain of Dreams. Favorite stage in Melee, has the best song in Melee, and is the location of the final few parts of one of my favorite Kirby games. Visually stunning...what isn't there to love about it?7 commentssuperyoshi888
Blob846 viewsWell, it seems I am the first to draw a picture of Blob. Or am I? Anyways, she appeared in the sack in Kirby's Dreamland 2 if you have the contained animal AND full health. She only appears in the international version, while in the original Japanese game Chao made an appearance instead. Blob's color is unknown, but since she is between Gooey and Kirby when it came to shading I imagine the she is purple. This was again colored in GIMP, along with a gradient since I can only draw blobs and puffballs.9 commentssuperyoshi888
Kinetic Kirby IF Submission787 viewsKirby gets this ability from Magical Sweeper, that spinning disk thing you encounter on the Halberd and in the Great Cave in Super Star and Super Star Ultra.

I'm not actually sure if the enemy is called Magical Sweeper. It is called that on the Super Star page, but elsewhere I found another name for it. I went with this name because I found it here.
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby's Dreamland 3 Boss- Acro713 viewsLong time no see, KRR! This is everyone's (or at least mine, in any case) favorite aquatic foe from Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64, Acro. I was a little hesitant to upload it here, given the current state of the site, but I don't feel like refraining from sharing it. Mainly just practicing Ken Sugimori's art style, so nothing too amazing here.1 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby at the Beach701 viewsI finally have something worthy of the Gallery. I drew this in the oekaki, because I guess it is most convient for me.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Kirby's Kimono651 viewsSo today my art tablet arived in the mail, so I decided to draw something with it. The point is a little hard to draw with, so I decided to use the "eraser" end to draw pictures.

Anyways, I decided to have a little fun and draw Kirby in formal wear. He has a brilliant indigo kimono with a floral design, house slippers(instead of his regular shoes), and a band similar to Dedede's with a wave design. I drew this in MS Paint and colored it manually. It is hard to color using the tablet!
3 commentssuperyoshi888
Spade Knight646 viewsSpade Knight is my entry for the Knight contest. For details on his attacks, see the page when it has been updated. I did this in Colors! because I really didn't feel like scanning or drawing on paper today. Inspiration for his armor came from Bukiset, Blade Knight, Masher, and Meta Knight, while his weapon is a Monk's Spade. They are Chinese weapons based on the shovels Buddhist Monks carried around in Ancient China.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Draw Your Weapon!604 viewsOld-style Meta Knight. I did this at(what a surprise) the oekaki. The colors were based on those of his official Adventure art and the NES sprites, but changed slightly so I could work with them in the kaki.

Eh. Guess I haven't really done anything notable in a while. Well, I want to do a tribute to a certain artist and a giant picture....hopefully within the next month.
5 commentssuperyoshi888
Splash Kirby Attacks591 viewsI finally got the chance to upload this! Like before, the attacks are based on the controls of KSSU.

B: Splash- A short, weak Splash that hits many times.
B While Running: Water Slide- Kirby slides across the ground on water, carrying enemies with him.
Running + Jump: Water Spiral- Kirby spins water around him very quickly.
X While Running: Kappa Wave- Kirby dumps all of his water out in one highly damaging attack.
8 commentssuperyoshi888
GIMP Color Test579 viewsI decided to try to color a drawing using GIMP, a program similar to Photoshop though not quite as user friendly. The first one I did, which is on the right, I just used the normal pencil and paint brush tools to create a toonish look. The second one I cleaned up the edges a bit and used the air brush for a smoother finish. Sorry about the actual drawing, I had to draw something quickly to color in.3 commentssuperyoshi888
Ball Kirby574 viewsThis is as basic as Basic Images will get. It started out as just Kirby art, but since I can't make the feet correctly it became Ball Kirby. No shading + default Paint tools + white background = this!

This is definatly something I want to redo. I only made it because I was bored.
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