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Most viewed - Portal Kirby
Portal Kirby and...uh...861 viewsyay my first controversial art!6 commentsJAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and Dedede699 viewswho needs to wait for stars to appear with portal kirby!
just make one be in a spot with lots of projectiles and another where the boss is!
5 commentsJAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby apperance607 viewsportal kirby is the result of kirby eating the ASHPD,

kirby then splits into two and becomes portal kirby,
for info on how to control portal kirby, look at my pic called portal kirby example.

the appearance of the 2 kirbys is pretty basic,
one is orange which I prefer to suck stuff in with
and the other is blue which I prefer to spit stuff out with.
though kirby is split into 2 he can join back together when he gets hit 3 times,
you can also join him back together with select.
6 commentsJAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and Water589 viewsneed to empty a dam or pond? well with portal kirby you can make the water travel between their mouths!JAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and Bonkers554 viewsthat takes care of his hammer...1 commentsJAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and looping549 viewsmust feel bad for the waddle dee....JAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and Whispy Woods548 viewswho needs to wait for those apples to come for you?JAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and gaps540 viewsuse portal kirby to help innocent waddle dees get across gaps with the
hi jump technique!
Portal Kirby and Yoshi537 viewsuhhhh...nuff saidJAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby and Fire530 viewsQbert Kiss!!!JAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby example527 viewsif you have played the game Portal you should have no prob getting what this kirby does, in portal the main gimmick of the game is shooting 2 portals to solve puzzles by going through one portal and out the other.

with portal kirby you control the portals by sucking something up with one portal kirby and spitting it out with the other,

you can ether switch between the 2 kirbys by pressing L or play Co-op in a special mode.

in this pic it shows a clear example of how portal kirby works.
1 commentsJAMESGHOST
Portal Kirby is medelsome523 viewsportal kirby can't kill ghosts so yehJAMESGHOST
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