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Fire Kirby (Revised)174 viewsI had to revise the colors on this and a few others. The old ones looked all...dark.ipuresonic99
Coo and Gooey173 viewsI've just now thought of how bad it would be to be an enemy facing Gooey. You'd have a disgusting, slimy tounge whipped at you, then be eaten alive. I guess Coo doesn't want that to happen. Then again, no one would~Aero
Meta Knight Cake173 viewsYes, that's supposed to be Meta Knight. It looked a lot cooler in my head.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, the same day as Easter Day. She's now 17.

His mask is tan because I couldn't make gray icing.
Hoshi no Dedede
Needle Kirby173 viewsA drawing that's part of my project Kirby: Star Project.ipuresonic99
Waddle Doo172 viewsMy first oekaki pic. pichupikapi
1-line Pack 6172 viewsBeam 1-line
Kirby,Common,Normal,None. Blue aura, Beam type. 8 Attack and Defense.
Using Aim Beam.

Laser 1-line
Kirby,Effect,,Super,None. Blue aura, Laser type. 18 attack, 12 Defense.
Effect-This card can attack twice.
Using Multi-Laser blast
Kirm-ally-start171 viewsKirm...An average Airride green colored Kirby.What must I say?
Bio: Name:Kirm Nickname:Slasher(Not original,eh?) Color: Airride Green Ability: Sword Other: Friends W/Kirb.
P.S.I may make it so you can switch between hammer and sword ^_^
Chibi-Pohatu171 views1 commentskirbywarpstargirl
kirby of the clouds171 viewsi...kinda took this idea from one of the other kirby artists... sorry if you reconize this.
i like it. it's sooo cute! it has been one of the best PC art i ever made.
indianna kirby171 views*cue indiana jones theme*
yep, kirby is a treasure hunter in this outfit, but he frequently gets into trouble anyways, so he uses the whip.
Kirby RS love171 viewsAn iScribble image and another Kirby RS. I drew her being... Cute? XDgameaddict30
Stargazers171 viewsWas listening to the muppets' "rainbow connection" on repeat while planning KCCh stuff and sorta also came up with this. I like it decently enough.mamthew42
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