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Coo the Owl170 viewsI ddn't draw his wings thick or small enough, I know. But anyways, here's one of my favorite Animal friends, Coo, in all his MS- Paint glory.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu
Fighter Kirby170 viewsPunch, throw, kick, block! Fighter Kirby!
I actually got this screenshot from a box of japanese candy my aunt sent me (she's a traveler, not an asian), who recently had a baby! :D
I love how the headband turned out, and the colors in the background. Kirby turns into a (human?) rockey when he does this move... which I cannot identify. Whatever...
Imposter169 viewsBahhhhhhhh. Halloween?Airride_Master
Ninja Kirby!169 viewsGO NINJA GO NINJA GO! GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!Chibi- Pohatu
'Evil' Airride Doo169 views...Airride_Master
big kirby face169 viewsi don't know why he's not smiling, but maybe he's focusing on you. don't let him think you're food...kirbygal
Megaman Shirt169 viewsA New Year present I gave to my dad with Megaman boxers. As you can see, I renamed this album. That's because my mom didn't make this at all. We just bought a shirt and I painted Megaman on it. He looks like he got a bad fake tan, but it was the closest thing to skin color we had.Hoshi no Dedede
Cutman Shirt169 viewsAn Easter Day present for my dad. I made Cutman because his scissors are similar to bunny ears. I know I painted him at the wrong angle and that one arm is longer than the other, but these are silly shirts that don't have to be drawn seriously.

I renamed this album again because almost all the things here are what I made and I don't think my mom will ever make anything that isn't clothes.
Hoshi no Dedede
may flowers168 views i tried this out for the may FP challenge. kirazy won, though..
i don't mind.
ninja kirby168 viewsthis is ninja kirby. obviously...kirbygal
headcase kirby168 viewsvisit and play headcase... is a good game1 commentszerokirby?
kirby's steamed168 viewskirby lost a bet or somethin, so he had to dress up like tinker bell. he expected to win, and was planning on laughing at dee in the tinkerbell costume.mikato1
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