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new tornado162 viewsI like this one.The tornado took a few try's to master.It's hard to free hand swirls.origami dee
Squishy at Sea162 viewsketrakoolkat
Dark Matter Kirby - RD1, No color161 viewsWell, here it is.1 commentsShadow of Meta Knight
Trick and Treat! >:D161 viewsGuess who!Airride_Master
Kirpow's OC161 viewsAnd now, the pic some of you have been waiting for... My Original Character!
I just had to make one, I love decribing people with pictures, making what they look like depend on their Fun, fun, fun times...
I dunno why I chose blonde hair, cuz I ain't stupid! '-'" Green just makes him look more dragonish like, which is where the tail came from. And I just like the color orange-ish. I like blue too, and hats are cool, and finally, who doesn't like stars?
Crystal Kirby161 viewsAirride_Master
Missile160 viewsMy favorite ability!You can see my "Superstar Treatment" entry here. Please rate(both!)I kinda did bad on this.Airride_Master
Snow day!160 viewsIt's snowing! (though it isn't even December...) Looks like fun! First time i tried shading, it turned out ok... right?kirbywarpstargirl
Airride_Doo points160 viewsWhat is he pointing at?...Airride_Master
Me and 100 deviantation celebrated160 viewsI celebrated 100 deviantation i upload (picture)

Enjoy and is me =3
kirby and the sacred sash160 viewsthis is some characters in my graphic novel/comic on kirby. it is called "Kirby and the Sacred Sash". you see kirby with the sash, knuckle joe is next to kirby on his left (different hairstyle), top left behind k.joe is dark nebula, next to d. nebula is this guy named Darksor who works for d.nebula, and bottom left is pirato, who also works 4 d.nebula. i don't think this comic is well drawn for KRR, but it is really me. maybe i'll add more details later. crap, i forgot to add pitch!!! well, pitch is a character who helps kirby and knuckle joe out by showing them pictures of "the dark figure" he saw last night *a.k.a., dark nebula. pitch is a bird.
Coming Back home159 viewsYay! I drew a picture in Photoshop of UFO Kirby. The only really good part I think is the lights on the underside of the UFOPandemonium
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