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ice cream kirby158 viewsi'm a tasty strawberry-flavored ice cream with a face.
Lou-chan Kirby158 viewsAn old drawing for my friend, Lou.
Man I love the background :3 SO SHINY! :D
kirby and the sacred sash158 viewsthis is some characters in my graphic novel/comic on kirby. it is called "Kirby and the Sacred Sash". you see kirby with the sash, knuckle joe is next to kirby on his left (different hairstyle), top left behind k.joe is dark nebula, next to d. nebula is this guy named Darksor who works for d.nebula, and bottom left is pirato, who also works 4 d.nebula. i don't think this comic is well drawn for KRR, but it is really me. maybe i'll add more details later. crap, i forgot to add pitch!!! well, pitch is a character who helps kirby and knuckle joe out by showing them pictures of "the dark figure" he saw last night *a.k.a., dark nebula. pitch is a bird.
Dark Matter Kirby - RD1, No color157 viewsWell, here it is.1 commentsShadow of Meta Knight
Wizard Kirby 2157 viewsThis was a more traditional style of Wizard Kirby that was drawn on the computer instead of on paper.Hyzoran
kirby w/ hair157 viewskirby has hair. whoever knew kirby had secret hair.
or... maybe has a wig on because he's playing dress up...
this one's more reasonable than the first.
Purple Ninja157 viewsThis is my Kirbysona, Betty, in her Ninja power up.
I really like how this came out :D
Coming Back home156 viewsYay! I drew a picture in Photoshop of UFO Kirby. The only really good part I think is the lights on the underside of the UFOPandemonium
RAEG156 viewsAirride_Master
Medieval Kirbys155 viewsYeah, i like how it turned out. I like the knight the best. POPOPOKirby
waddle doo155 viewsthis is a picture painted in tux paintpatrickq12
Mewth Mascalna 154 viewsMewth is a cat person- literally. While he can have a tad of a short fuse somtimes, he's otherwise a good-natured fella.

I actually based his body off of Broom hatter- I guess it just came out looking Kirby- ish. On another note, I think I'm getting a hang of shading...
Chibi- Pohatu
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