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Top rated - clay figures
kirby vs meta knight(claymation)602 viewsthis is just a little claymation video i made very quickly because i was bored.2 commentsplasmakirby55555
(8 votes)
stylus706 viewsthese are some stylus that i have made after i had lost the real one and after i made the spark one my sister wanted one too so i made here a sailor waddle dee stylus then came ultra sword and then purple kirby i'll going to make more later and i would be happy to take any requests.5 commentsplasmakirby55555
(3 votes)
kirba535 viewsthis is kirba from kiroscarby's fangame KAA she is the female version of kirby and has the same abilities as him like inhale and copy abilities.6 commentsplasmakirby55555
(3 votes)
stylus 3409 viewsthis is the third batch of styluses that i made it shows a galacta knight,deyarned prince fluff,waddle doo,and hi jump styluses.plasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
stylus 2439 viewsmy second batch of stylus this one shows meta knight blue kirby and 02 plasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
kirby 10451 viewsa while ago i liked to watch a show called ben 10 and being a fan of kirby i mixed the two but these are the good ones the others i did not want to upload this shows jetray kirby upgrade kirby and diamondhead kirby,and also a kirby with the omnitrix both new and old hope you enjoy.2 commentsplasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
super abilities1240 viewsthis shows 2 super abilities ultra sword and monster flameplasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
abilities2245 viewsfire,baton,jet,hammer,beam,animal,whip and,clean.the reason why whip does not have stars on his hat is because i made this before returns to dreamland came outplasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
abilities1366 viewsthis shows tornado,hi-jump,ice,mike,sword,spark,and fighter sorry about the poor imageplasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
the many colors of kirby368 viewsmost of the colors of kirbyplasmakirby55555
(2 votes)
kirby charms429 viewsi've been making charms lately so here are some of the kirby ones.plasmakirby55555
(1 votes)
bosses/midbosses304 viewsking doo kraco wiz and miracle matter2 commentsplasmakirby55555
(1 votes)
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