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Top rated - Basic Images
Dedede....501 viewsThe first appearance of the King in my gallery. Too bad I can't actually draw him! The hammer seems too small, and his head to big. His body is also very fat in this picture. I need to practise drawing him!10 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(2 votes)
Together in Defeat434 viewsHmm? I could've sworn I already attempted to upload this.

Anyways, simple explanation here is that I <3 KSSU. Made at the oekaki, used water color and air brushes.
2 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(3 votes)
Fountain of Dreams860 viewsI <3 the Fountain of Dreams. Favorite stage in Melee, has the best song in Melee, and is the location of the final few parts of one of my favorite Kirby games. Visually stunning...what isn't there to love about it?7 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(6 votes)
Oni Kirby410 viewsThis isn't a new ability, but is something I wanted to draw. As Kirby is a Japanese game series, the games make many references to Japanese legends and culture. Oni Kirby is no different.1 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(3 votes)
Dark Matter's Warriors565 viewsThese three guys seem to serve Dark Matter in the games, with Butch, Blade, and Masher in KD2 and Bukiset in KD3. In order from left to right: Butch, Masher, Blade, Bukiset. I wonder why Masher is just siting. Bukiset always seems to get stuck with cleaning duties due to him being the only one with a broom.

What, no Valentines pic? Well, I tried, but I can't draw Ribbon. Also, I haven't abandoned traditional media, so expect to see some color pencils when I draw more ability attacks.
3 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(2 votes)
Blob832 viewsWell, it seems I am the first to draw a picture of Blob. Or am I? Anyways, she appeared in the sack in Kirby's Dreamland 2 if you have the contained animal AND full health. She only appears in the international version, while in the original Japanese game Chao made an appearance instead. Blob's color is unknown, but since she is between Gooey and Kirby when it came to shading I imagine the she is purple. This was again colored in GIMP, along with a gradient since I can only draw blobs and puffballs.9 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(2 votes)
Splash Kirby523 viewsMy second ability re-design is of the glitch ability Splash, which has so far only been in Kirby's Adventure(and it seems it will stay that way). He wears the hat of the mythical Kappa, a creature who lives by water and can be nasty or nice. Like how the Kappa will die if it loses all of the water in its bowl-shapped head, Kirby will lose the ability if he uses an attack that dumps all of the water out.

Attack picture will come later. Intended color was sea green, but I didn't have a pencil of it.
5 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(2 votes)
Biospark388 viewsMore kaki stuff! This was mainly done as a shading experiment. I like to play around with it sometimes. I do think this more detailed shading compared to my norm is fitting, seeing as it kinda resembles Super Star's style.1 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(1 votes)
HAI!284 viewsWa! I didn't do that large picture yet. I promise I'll work on it soon. Here's this drawing to hold you guys over.

Kirby yells HAI when he taunts in Super Smash Bros. Hence the name and the kana in the picture.
(1 votes)
Dreamland Bunch317 viewsI get kinda bored in school. So one morning, when I had some free time, I decided to doodle. And this was produced. of them doesn't fit. He never appeared in Dreamland 3.
(1 votes)
Kinetic Kirby IF Submission782 viewsKirby gets this ability from Magical Sweeper, that spinning disk thing you encounter on the Halberd and in the Great Cave in Super Star and Super Star Ultra.

I'm not actually sure if the enemy is called Magical Sweeper. It is called that on the Super Star page, but elsewhere I found another name for it. I went with this name because I found it here.
3 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(1 votes)
Kirby at the Beach689 viewsI finally have something worthy of the Gallery. I drew this in the oekaki, because I guess it is most convient for me.3 commentssuperyoshi88844444
(1 votes)
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