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Top rated - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Magman1838 viewsWow, doesn't school just pile-on work when you are least suspecting? At least for me, as I loth to dig-up the syllabus simply to avoid being blown-over by the unknown amount of assignments I blissfully try to ignore till I can procrastinate no longer. Thank Kami it's almost all over with for me, whaha.
~Tonikaku, I briefly appear today to present a character-sculpture no one cares about: Magman, the boss from K64's Neo Star. Beyond the planet's lush jungles and beneath its craggy mountainous plateaus lies Neo Star's boiling core of volcanic rock. Magman is at the depths of this hellish inferno, and he is no push-over. He prefers to instead engulf Kirby in his lava-pillars-for-arms, while he sits safely in the distance. If Kirby damages his tentacles enough, Magman himself will approach the pink one and (slowly) give chase around the planet's interior. When defeated, he recedes back into the lava, yet the planet begins to erupt in a cataclysmic explosion of smoldering rock. Kirby must quickly exit the inside of Magman's volcano, rapidly filling with the rising magma. Sure, Kirby obtains his precious Crystal Shard, but at what cost? Poor Magman was just minding his own business, probably didn't even realize he had the shard within his great expanse of liquid rock, and still, Kirby relentlessly wrecks the fire-lord's land and dethrones him. If Kirby can take-down this literal “Titan of Magma”, then are there no limits to the pink menace's power?! This large, near-effortless blob was made from air-dry brown clay, as opposed to the Super-Sculpey I regularly use, and is one of the final in my finished set of sculptures.
9 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(9 votes)
Mr. Frosty2131 viewsWhat an appropriate character for today. Mr. Frosty is the ice/freeze miniboss, first appearing in Kirby's Adventure. He is a walrus-like creature that throws both ice-blocks, and tempertrantrums during battle. He can open his gaping mouth to try and catch Kirby in it, or to just show off his male-dominence. Mr. Frosty often spastically dances around the arena, trying to confuse or get the slip on the enemy; however, it usually only leads to humiliation. Did I mention he is missing the seat of his pants?10 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(7 votes)
Meta Knight2377 viewsYou know him. You love him. You have waited patiently, so here he is. Meta Knight in all he deminutive glory. He is leader of the Meta-Knight army, captain of the Battleship Halberd, and object of fangirls' desires the world over. He constantly challenges Kirby to a duel of the sword. Besides his amazing swordmanship, MK has the power to turn his body into a tornado, and the power to sprout bat wings for flight. He has been shown to be speedy but lacking in vitality. Everyone already knows what he looks like under the mask; so the real question would be, Who is the stronger boss, him or Dedede?12 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(10 votes)
Kabu1766 viewsKabu- the great Tiki head of legend. The Easter Island statue of divinity. The wierd spinning rock that gets in your way (most likely). Kabu is actually a wooden idol, hence why he does not offer the stone ability. They may not be the megalith prophet that the anime made them out to be, but they do seem to have some sort of mystical power, as they are able to float and disappear at will. Originally from the Float Islands, they reoccur in many Kirby games. Dekabu is the largest variety. Grumples is his relative.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Bronto Burt1844 viewsBronto Burt has a big name for such a small creature! He is one of the flying enemies Kirby regularly encounters on his travels. He is a simple foe with a simple shape- very easy to make, as is only 3 spheres, fly-wings, and a face. BBs fly through the air, walk along the ground and take off, or home in on Kirby for attack. Their relative is Koozer. For all flying/floating creatures, I use wire formed to a triangle shape, to support their mass. It gives a more authentic feel, I believe.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Broom Hatter1682 viewsHe (or she) is such a sweet enemy :) Broom hatter is a little witch who focuses all her time into cleaning the floors of Dreamland. Even appearing in the majority of Kirby's games, she really got her chance to shine in KDL3, as Kirby was able to copy her sweeping ability to become Clean Kirby. She is also one of the Dreamlanders whose body is not completely round. Just like how Waddle Dee seemingly lacks a mouth, BH's eyes are hidden as well. Blame it on Dreamland simplicity.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(8 votes)
Walky1698 viewsToday is Walky Wednesday. This walking microphone always gives Kirby the mike ability, as is no surprise. He spends his day akwardly wobbling around, shouting obcenities, and spewing things from his mouth-- what a bum! His mouth happens to be just the space between the amplifier and the base of his body. Contrary to popular belief, Walky's singing is actually worse than Kirby's! At least Kirby can sing different tunes- with Walky, all you get is a repetative and annoying "WAAAAHAAAAN", plus flying music notes...2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
Nightmare2543 viewsThe final sculpture in the 'Adventure series. It is the Cloaked Nightmare: corrupter of dreams and possessor of fountains. When he attacked the Dream-Spring, King Dedede split the Starrod up, sealing the Nightmare in the fountain. Kirby manages to reclaim all the pieces of the Starrod, and then unknowingly frees the beast! Nightmare's first form is a simple star-patterned ball (which I did not bother to make), and is fought falling from the sky. KA ends with Nightmare's defeat on the moon, and Kirby returning the Starrod to the Fountain of Dreams to bring sweet dreams to Dreamland. Head, Sholderpads, and Hand made of Super Sculpy Polymer Clay; Cloak made of air-drying, bulk clay.12 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(11 votes)
Cappy1663 viewsA walking mushroom with cap and stem. They flail their arms about like nobody's business and always have that blank expression on their faces. The animated series really gave them a bad rap- taking away their caps, and making them the Toads of Dreamland. They seem to be based on Haniwa clay figures of ancient Japan. If Kirby is without ability, he must first inhale the Cappy's top, then either swallow it or use it as ammunition against the foe's defenceless body. Blopper is his relative. You cant help but love this guy.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Blipper1698 viewsHe may be late, but he is here! Blipper the fish flops onto dry land just in time to be considered an update for today! In water, he is a nimble and accurate swimmer, able to catch up to Kirby if he is not paying attention. Out of water, though, Blipper becomes a helpless, flopping ball of confusion. He is a staple in the series, appearing wherever there is a water-based level. Kirby wears a diving mask to breath underwater; conversely, Blipper's mask is filled with water, and allows him to stay alive if exposed to the air.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(8 votes)
Samurai Kirby!~ Kirby1908 viewsKirby is full of Japanese flair. In this fashion, he is always shown with thick eyebrows for some reason. He carries a traditional Japanese sword, Katana, and has his hair pulled back into a ponytail. Wait... Kirby doesn't normally have hair?! The same hairstyle is seen in Kirby Card Swipe, though it is more consolidated in this appearence. And the weapon is not always a sword; it can also be a fan, hammer, or noisemaker, under certain conditions. Samurai Kirby has been featured in KSS, KSSU, and K:NiD4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(7 votes)
Rolling Turtle1906 viewsThis is not Rolly. This is Rolling Turtle as he appears in Kirby's Adventure, the only game to feature him. Tucked into his shell, he can roll around the room. If he collides with Kirby, he can throw him across the room or bodyslam him, being that he is one of the only holders of the throw ability. He can also release smaller turtles for ammunition. Phan-phan has replaced him ever since Kirby:NiDL. For this model, you could say that it is the stage in between the official RT, and Rolly, my beloved animal friend. Note to self: I want to make a Rolly sculpture in the future.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
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