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Top rated - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Sword / Parasol2052 viewsThankyou for being patient. After long wait, the Kirby Super Star Set of Sculptures kick-starts with double updates of Kirby Abilities! Fist up is Sword ability, a well-known weapon (prolly 'cuz Meta Knight...), but in my opinion, not so great of an ability. Kirby dons a parody of Link's hat and continuously displays his sharp Master Sword with this ability. Good for short, quick attacks with little punch behind them. Next is the lesser-known, but somehow present in more games, ability Parasol. Staying true to his roots, Kirby wears no hat with this unique ability, but always holds an open umbrella over his head. With a few good attacks, the main use of Parasol is it's defensive capabilities. Also can be used to slow one's decent through the air. *For more info on how these and other abilities work, check out SiR6's Ability Reviews and the Fan Ability reviews portion of this site*
For all future reference, my 'Kirby's Ability' sculptures are specifically made of that horrible brown, bulk-quantity, air-drying clay. For this reason, and the fact that I disliked the repetitiveness of making the pink puff so many times over, some may be of lower quality than my norm. Please excuse this, and look forward to more 3D Daimyo Dojo!
6 commentsDedede-Daimyo44444
(8 votes)
Waddle Doo2031 viewsThe guy with a huge eye and is cousen to Waddle Dee. He holds the Beam ability and can also become a helper character. In his first appearence, KDL, he and all other enemies offered Kirby no abilities. With that in mind, You will see that I am presenting these sculptures in order of game cronology. Also, again please excuse the quality of the first couple of sculptures; as it gets later in the year, You will see the improvement. Dispite his popularity, Waddle Doo is only featured in a handful of games.7 commentsDedede-Daimyo44444
(4 votes)
Kirby2130 viewsThis is the basic Kirby sculpture in my collection. There is really nothing special about this guy, other than being the very first figure in the series. That said, I have made many other Kirbys in my lifetime! I started building the 3D Daimyo Dojo in 2007, and now have an entire cabinate filled with Dreamland's finest sculptures! Please excuse the minor flaws in the first couple of pieces, as I was making many sculptures a day and did not allow myself time to make everything perfect. Stay tuned tomorrow.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo44444
(9 votes)
Scarfy1785 viewsThis weeks last sculpture update is Scarfy, in his normal state. I didnot make a transformed Scarfy yet. He is a round, floating creature that doesn't like to be bothered. Any touch, inhale attempt, or even from just facing away from him sometimes, will cause him to wig out and chase Kirby, with the intent on blowing him up. Unfourtionatly for Scarfy, Kirby usually escapes in time, which causes Scarfy to blow himself up. A little known fact is that when the Copy ability is used on him, he grants Crash. Anglep is his relative.1 commentsDedede-Daimyo44444
(5 votes)
Stone / Cutter1812 viewsWitness the true, unpainted, nature of this horrible clay I will never again use! Stone Ability is the ultimate in defense/ invulnerability. Stone's appearance shares a Kabuto helmet with Ninja ability. Kirby can go from being light and soft, to being hard and heavy in an instant. The falling stone is a powerful move, utterly crushing anything below, while allowing the user to be forever free from harm. The downside is that enemies can attack if you let your guard down too soon... While Stone is probably the biggest example of immobile abilities, Cutter takes the cake for its projectile prowess. Utilizing a strange hat (which I believe is a fusion of Ultraman, Arale, and Chichi) Kirby throws off a sharp blade to attack enemies. After tossing the boomerang, Kirby can either catch it when it returns, or jump over it, allowing it to strike foes behind him. The Crystal Shards killed stone, making it a walking rock-implosion, which was only semi-invincible. The idea later carried over to the Metal Ability. Super Star killed cutter, allowing over half of it's attacks to be closed-ranged. That is what Sword is for! *I don't actually mean “killed”, more like “modified”~!.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo44444
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