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Top rated - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Adeleine2112 viewsIt's Hump-day (Wednesday), and time for me to take a break in my busy schedule to upload another sculpture for the 'Resorters! I truly envy Adeleine's ability to paint anything she can imagine in a matter of seconds. I mean, I'm working myself to death all this week to get this giant painting ready for the KRR 10 Year Anniversary, and all Adeleine would have to do is wave her magic-wand-of-a-brush, and it would be done in no time! It would probably even come to life off of the paper, to boot~! Anyway, this model is a more recent one, hence the overwhelming beauty, and is the first in the random assortment of figures composing my (final?) set of sculptures. Unlike the Ado from KDL3, this one is actually completely based on the painter-girl from Kirby 64. Look forward to my huge, colorful, and jam-packed 'KRR Decade' picture on the Rainbow Resort's 10th Anniversary, Saturday, September 26th; make sure to participate as well, every-every!5 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(11 votes)
Togezo1933 viewsTogezo (probably better known as Spiny) is somewhat of a cameo-character. Of course, he holds the needle ability, as he can extend his spikes for defence and can roll into a ball and move around for an attack. Togezo first appeared in 'Adventure; he then showed up in 'Dream Course; in 'Dreamland 2, his relative, Spikey the porcupine, was instead featured; and finally, Togezo last appeared in 'Dreamland 3. I would say that he is one of my favorite enemies. Damn Needlous for replacing him!12 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(11 votes)
Smash Dedede2220 viewsYou can imagine how excited I was when I first heard that the Great King Dedede was a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The developers treated him well in his first main-stream playable appearance. For special attacks, Dedede can: Inhale and spit out- No copying of powers, but rather taken directly from the Kirby series; throw Waddle Dees- perhaps taken from the anime, or at least Squeak Squad, where he had one attack that summons them; the Super Dedede Jump- also taken from his games/ boss battles; and the Jet Hammer- which I believe is a fusion on the Jet Ability in KSS (you charge it up and release to attack) and the Hammer Ability super-swing from the same game. I thought it was especially cool to be able to play as him in the side-scrolling Subspace Emmissary (something I desperately wish they'd add in a Kirby Game, instead of the unimaginative Meta Knight speed-run) but, due to the game's battle system and character traits, he feels overly slow and weighty, and attacks like Inhale don't live up to their potential. Anyway, Dedede's wardrobe has been upgraded a bit for his debut in Brawl. Detail has been added to his hammer and fur, as well as a different Mon on the back of the robe. Also added is a Kimono-like undergarment, reminiscent of his cream-colored stomach in past games, and the almighty style of Samurai Kirby, whaha. Next time in the Daimyo Dojo: Dedede's Final Smash! Not as spectacular as you might think...4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(10 votes)
Blade Knight Ultra1590 viewsSecond set of my Ultimate Kirby Super Star Sculpture Series. SSSSSsssss. Happy one between zeros year, everybody! Thanks for all the comments and support. I will continue uploading this set at a steady pace throuout the next few weeks, where I will not be saying much, but will replace this description with something better when I see fit. Have fun viewing!6 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(9 votes)
Coo1821 viewsBack on track with Coo, the expert of the air! Kirby can team up with the owl to surpass fierce winds, and to quickly move-about the sky in any direction. Coo is the only Animal Friend without a mate. His feathers alternate from being purple to gray. He always has a stern look on his face, but that is just the pattern of black feathers surrounding his eyes. You really can't go wrong with choosing Coo to partner with, because he has both useful ability combinations and freedom of movement. Coo, Kine, and Rick all appear in Kirby Star Stacker and Kirby no Kirrakirra Kids.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(7 votes)
Yuki1573 viewsThis one is dedicated to Kirazy. Yuki (snow), the ice miniboss from KDL3, is just about the least detailed character on Popstar; certainly, in my collection. Like Bobo to his parental Boboo, Yuki looks much like the snowman Chilly, but without the hat and bell. In his icy duel, he will toss off his head in Kirby's direction, up to 3 times. Yuki can also charge across the stage, trying to snow"plow" into the Kirbster, but eventually slams into the wall. Since this abominable-blob is lacking all features what-so-ever, I stuck a wooden sphere inside of him to save clay. The coldest comrade in Siberia be Yuki.2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Chilly1664 viewsA double-decker snowman that yields either the freeze or ice ability. Chilly wears a fez-type hat on his head, and a collar with a bell around his neck. He is one of the more popular baddies around Kirby, in part to him being a helper character in KSS. They attack by either releasing a small blizzard shield around them, or through other ice-based attacks, like dropping icecicles, etc. His appearence changes subtlely throughout the games, fluxuating between this look, and something more similar to Benny.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Sir Kibble1700 viewsThe little knight in golden armor; Sir Kibble is a force to be reconed with! Actually, a small force... his only means of attack is by utilizing his blade atop his helmet. He is famous for his cutter-boomerang ability. He is also quite tacticle: sometimes, if kirby is too far for his thrown boomerangs, Kibble will face the opposite direction, throw the cutter, and when it returns to him, will leap over it, causing the blade to collide with the out-of-range foe! Are his insides black, or is he a hollow suit?2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Smash K-Joe1834 viewsWhoops, looks like I forgot one other figure in the Super Smash Bros Brawl Kirby Series-- Knuckle Joe, the Assist Trophy! A new addition to the Smash series, Assist Trophies are items that randomly spawn on the battlefield that playable characters may pick up and call forth the featured character to assist them in combat. When Knuckle Joe's trophy is acquired, he appears and quickly attacks the nearest foe(s) with a volley of Vulcan Jabs. To finish the unlucky victim off, he will either use the Smash Punch (which shoots the opponent horizontally across the stage) or Rising Break (which sends the opponent flying vertically into the air)! His design is directly taken from his Super Star debut (and thankfully not the anime) including his signature blue outfit and shoes, red shoulder armors, and white/red Muay Thai headband. His mouth is also clearly present, and his hair has been improved graphically. Since he is part of the Kirby Series, and therefore Masahiro Sakurai's brain/love child, Joe is one of the strongest ATs in the game. The Kirby series characters totally rocks Brawl's socks~ whaha!4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(8 votes)
Waddle Dee Ultra1534 views(Description to be updated with more unique writing after Newyears.) This is the first wave of my super-special, Ultimate Kirby Super Star sculpture series, for KRR Christmas 2009. Check back again in eight days for seven new figures. Happy Holidays from the 3D Daimyo~!2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(11 votes)
Kine1854 viewsDarn, I said I was going to upload on scedule, but here I have missed a day! Today I will finish up the Animal Friends from KDL2, so as not to lose face, again! Here is Kine, the wonder of the water. This aquatic ally is your best bet for under-sea travel (Too much alliteration?). He can swim against the toughest of currents, and even allows Kirby to inhale under water. You know using him on land works about as well as a disability, but that's what is called a challenge. He has a secret love for sake. His wife is Mine.8 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
Samurai Kirby!~ Wheelie1760 viewsThe next combatant is Wheelie, the solitary wheel. He wears a green, probably plastic, Japanese workers hat with a yellow stripe. He carries a pointed stick with a traveler's bag on the end of it, but this is not often used offencively. He prefers to simply run-down any challenger, leaving tire-marks on their face. One might wonder: how is he able to hold on to that hat and staff, being an appendageless wheel? He has the quickest movement of the samurai, but his body movements photograph his attack, to end.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
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